My First Starting Strength Log

All, posting my log of first 12 weeks on a strength program - thought it might be interesting. I’m by all accounts a fat, sedentary person hoping this will set me on the road to recovery!

I have modified the program slightly which will become apparent as I continue the log but quite excited about getting into it!

Workout A Weds Jan 7th 2015
Squat - 100kg 3 x 5
Bench - 97.5kg 3 x 5
Dead - 165kg 1 x 5

I’ll post each workout result with any comments each workout day!

Starting bodyweight 127kg
Biceps 17.5 inches
Forearms 14.5 inches
Chest 53 inches
Quads 28 inches
Calves 18 inches

Good to have you aboard, Big Al.

You might check out the log of twojarslave (Do Meatheads Dream of Iron Sheep?) who provides a stellar example of someone in your position grinding away at the fat-loss game while starting to move some serious weight.

Keep logging. Keep lifting. Good luck and have fun!

Hi all - nightmare start to this I did the splits in an icy car park and have damaged my groin! No squats or deadlifts and it’s not healing quickly.

Any way I’ve just continued with press and bench with some rowing and chin-ups for good measure workout log so far below:

Monday January 12 2015
Bench 102.5kg 3 x 5
Rowing and chins

Weds January 14 2015
Press 60kg 3 x 5
Rowing and chins

Friday January 16 2015
Bench 105kg 3 x 5
Rowing and chins

Monday January 19th 2015
Press 62.5kg 3 x 5
Rowing and chins

Wednesday January 21st 2015
Bench 107.5kg
Rowing and chins

Friday January 23rd 2015
Press 65kg 3 x 5
Rowing and chins

Monday January 26th 2015
Bench 110kg 3 x 5
Rowing and chins

Not ideal I know but this groin is killing me I don’t know why it’s taking so long to heal. Body weight is down by almost 10 pounds and I feel a lot stronger bench and press feel lighter each time despite the added 2.5 kg.

I’ll try and update every day and let you know when I can squat and deadlift again - I’m frustrated as I see these exercises as the ‘moneymakers’

Big Al

Wednesday January 28th
Press 3 x 5 70kg
Chins and biceps curls

Couldn’t do one chin when I started did 3 sets of 5 today worked up to this by doing negatives and band assisted chins.

Friday January 30th 2015
Bench 112.5 3 x 5 (last two reps felt VERY hard!
T bar rows - I only had 40 mins lunch today.

Been to physio and having the groin treated, he thinks about 4 weeks before I can get into the squats and deads.

Monday February 2nd 2015

Press 72.5kg 3x5
Chins 7, 6, 6
Barbell curls

Press felt easy, still improving on chins…

Wednesday February 4th 2015
Bench press 3 x 5 115 kg - felt easy even at last rep
T bar rows and 450kg tyre flips x 2 - never been able to flip it before, felt good! Video of rep 2 to follow!

Tyre flip!

Friday 6th February 2015
Press 3 x 5 75kg felt pretty easy
Chins 8, 7, 6 gradually getting stronger but still find these hard
3 x 10 biceps curls

Physiotherapist trip today, hip is feeling a little better but some way of being able to squat 0 did 5 reps just with the bar still a bit painful at the bottom. Cant wait for it to be better!!

Monday February 9th 2015
Bench 3 x 5 117.5kg last rep on last set felt hard roll on 120kg on Friday!
T bar rows 3 x 10

Wednesday February 11th 2015
Press 3 x 5 80kg
Chins 10,7,5,7,5

All felt good - really feeling the strength in my back improving with chins

Friday February 13th 2015
Bench 3 x 5 120kg last rep was tough
T bar rows 65kg 3 x 10
450kg tyre flips x 2

Monday February 16th 2015
Press 3 x 5 85kg felt pretty easy
Chinups 10, 9, 8
450kg tyre flips x 5

You might wanna post this in the training log forum.

Wednesday February 18th 2015
Hip feeling better I can now deadlift - still not quite squatting though!
Bench 3 x 5 122.5kg last rep was a real struggle maybe need some fractional plates now?
Deads worked up to 170kg x 5 then a 210kg single and a 220kg single

Friday February 20th 2015
Press 3 x 5 90kg pretty easy felt strong
Chins 10, 6, 4 felt weak on these today unsure why
Added in some BB curls for good measure

Monday February 23rd 2015
I can now just about squat but its still sore so I just racked up 3 sets of 10 with the bar to get it moving again
Bench 3 x 5 125kg seemed pretty easy
T Bar rows 70kg 10,9,8

A quick update on my weight and measurements:

Weight 129kg
Biceps 18.25 inches
Chest 54 inches
Forearms 15 inches
Quads 28 inches (didn’t expect anything here as i have been unable to squat much)
Calves 19 inches

Pretty pleased with my strength gains so far and it looks like i have gained a bit of muscle - I have lost an inch off my waist but increased in weight by 2 kilos. I think when I can finally squat regularly this will help me tremendously. Had to miss Wednesday’s workout as I have been in bed with flu!

Thursday February 26th 2015
Still feeling pretty ill but felt guilty missing yesterday’s workout so popped in the gym for some deadlifts.
Deads 1 x 5 175kg plus a PR 232.5kg single. Not bad for an ill day!

Friday February 27th 2015
Bench 127.5kg 5, 3, 3 first time I’ve missed my reps hopefully get them next time and avoid a reset
Squats 3x10 with the bar a bit painful with the hip but got through it!
T Bar rows 3x10