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My First Stage Shape

86 Kg 21 years old 179 cm

would apprecciate of good criticism and opinion about physique

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Did you ask what the judges liked/disliked

Looks like you need some density but at 21 years old, you have time. Veins in your lower abs, so you were indeed lean, you just need some muscle maturity. Keep pushing.

Guys like @The_Mighty_Stu @BrickHead and @robstein @EyeDentist are all really knowledgeable and amazingly helpful.

I’m sure 1 or more of them will help.
As an fyi - 0 knowledge of BBing myself. But you look good from what I can tell.


You look amazing for 21 years old!

I don’t know if it’s the lighting and/or the camera, but it appears your lower body could’ve been leaner, but that’s simple to correct next time around. Simple, but not easy.

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