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My First Show

That was my first R.M.P thread over a year ago. I just competed in the 2011 Pacific Rim Armed Forces Natural Bodybuilding Championships yesterday, took 1st in Men’s Novice, 2nd in Men’s Open.

Rear Lats

Back Double Bi

Side Tri

Front Double Bi

Side Chest

Ab and Thigh

rotate pictures before posting… other than that, awesome stuff bro!

Jeeze. I would’ve gotten more feedback if I had trolled.

aw. hopefully some knowledgeable people will chime in soon. i don’t know anything about bodybuilding, but visit here for the lolz and manage to pick up the odd thing…

looking great! that is all i got. sorry :frowning:

congrats on the win!!

Try posting the pictures properly so we can actually see them.

Small, but you have excellent conditioning from what I can see. Need more mass overall - delts are a strong point, especially rear.

You look good man

You have a really tight waist. You look pretty proportional maybe some more lats, triceps, and quad sweep would do you well.

well balance and great conditioning, however, more size is needed.