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My First Show, What ya Think?


hi guys, went for my first show n came in second with 3 months of training, quite happy with that...

But always looking to get better, throw some tips my way!!!



Upper body lookin good but it looks like your legs need improvement. Great job coming second in your first show. What does your training look like?


you look like that after only 3 months of training?

If thats true then you have potential to put on some serious size


x2, your goals should be to keep progressing on muscularity while bringing the legs to keep up with the upper body. I suspect that's why you placed second instead of 1st.



Great work otherwise and great placing, keep up the good work.


Looks like your working hard....nice job. Legs/Lower-body needs improvement.....Best Of Luck!


Chest, arms, and delts are point on. Legs are definitely lagging, and back,.. well, I can't see it from here -lol.

I'm going to assume that when you say '3 months of training', you mean 3 months of contest prep.



3 months? Wow. Looks like you have the potential to win your next show. How was your posing? Jeez, seems like after you put the entire package together you could dominate.


Legs could use a lot of work but your upper body looks great from the front. Any back shots?


i second the back shot, but as was said above, upper body and abs are pretty on point, just need some more leg mass. You've got some long legs, which makes it take more time to bring them up (speaking from experience), but just stick with it, for me I need several different exercises to get good leg growth, obviously squats, lunges, leg extensions, etc. But just keep with it and stay consistant and they will grow; on another note, if you really have only been training for 3 months, and not 3 months of contest prep, you've got a hell of a lot of potential


His join date is august 2009 hes prolly talking contest prep


You're 28???


Something doesn't add up here. The person in this picture obviously worked hard to build his physique and probably knows a lot about bodybuilding. The person posting this sounds like some teenage kid who, rather than researching things himself, says something like "throw some tips my way"

I hope this is a troll, but if not....very nice work on your progress, but if I may paraphrase prof X...."why are you asking the advice of people smaller than you"


props man!




Thanks guys!
Apreciate it, I had inflamed legs at the time so it was agony to train on em!
As as one of you pointed out longs legs are a bitch to grow!
To most of your question's I wasn't preparing for a comp!
I was dared to do it so decided to start cutting, other than that it was just normal
Strenght training for me!!

Back shot to follow!!