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My First Real Bulk


What is the absolute fastest you have ever seen a human being complete a successful 20 lb bulk starting from total newb country?

I am asking so I set realistic expectations for myself. I feel like I may be getting a bit ahead of myself or expecting too much.



Based on your question, I suggest you forget the terms bulk and cut completely.

Eat above maintenance, say 300-500 cals or so, and ramp up the intensity in the weight room. Smash the fuck out of the weights until you feel un-recovered. Then add 300-500 more cals...

Rinse repeat until you are the size you want to be 6 years from now.

(Those cals numbers are wild guesses, you have to play around and figure out how your body responds. My point is don't eat 10x more than you have to.)


Agreed. I have trained people who have gained what looked to be 20lbs of muscle with no visible increase in body fat in a month. I have experienced the same myself. This is about your EFFORT, your GENETICS, your TRAINING, and your FOOD INTAKE.

There are too many variables for someone to predict how much muscle someone else can gain.

Most of the people here don't train very hard....so obviously they won't be growing very much no matter what supplements they take or what they eat.


Took me about 14 weeks once I got my Diet and exercize right where it needed to be. Went from 183 to 203. 3500 to 4000 cals a day and at least 200 grams of protein a day. a 4 day split. Lots of rest.


Thanks for taking time to respond guys. I really appreciate it.

Ill give a little bit of info.

I have been running a modified version of starting strength to include isolation work for arms, mid delt, and post delt. (My goal is to run out my newbie gains and transition off to a more BB style program with my new found size/strength. I will then correct form again, imbalances, or whatever from there.)

As for recovery...as far as leaving to go to they gym, or grab the occasional gallon of milk (I have moved back home for the summer and everyone either works 60 hours, is still at college somewhere in the middle of Pennsyltucky, or at basic training.) I really dont do a whole lot. I sleep ridiculous hours compared to when Im at school. I take about one scoop of dymatize elite gourmet protein in milk after my lift. (I dont really like supplements. Theyre expensive and people over hype them. Kids on my floor last year raved about Jack3d and how it gave you energy or focus or whatever. I took it a couple times to stay awake and study for my exams at school, but thats about it. It works better than 5 hour energy in my opinion and can be replaced with sleep, which I like. Its free and makes you feel good, and from what I understand grow.)

On 5/17 I was 175. On 6/16 I was 184.4. I'm not very strong for my weight. I am only just breaking 200 some on squats right now as I just started the program. (And, they do feel heavy I wont lie. It is also my first time really having squats in my workout.) Im not real fat either (at least I dont think so). I still have a 31.5 inch waist, and I havnt noticed any fat gains. Im actually starting to get small bumps and waves Ive never had before on my forearms, shoulders, and back. I still fit in the same jeans, but they have been getting tighter around mid thigh (thats really the only place right now).

Im not worried about keeping abs as I havnt had them since I was 8 years old anyway. I really just wanna crack 200 lbs and be a decently strong normal person for my first attempt at bulking. How long can I expect this to realistically keep coming? Also, How long will I have to hold gains before they "stick"?

Thanks again.



Can't really be answered with any sort of certainty man. So many factors will play into it, that anyone giving you an answer is basing it off what happened to them personally, or they are pulling rough estimates out their ass.

Listen, just get strong as fuck and eat a good amount of food. The details will start to come to you as you go along...


Thanks for the replies guys.