My First Re-Feed/Carb Up

Currently at 11%bf after 8 strict weeks of a low/carb caloric deficit. I have been consuming 1800 cals/day and 50g carbs post workout. Lifting 3x a week with Low intensity cardio 4x a week. I have reached a plateau over the past 10-12 days and have decided that I need a carb up/refeed to refill glycogen stores and reignite my metabolism.

I have read that it should be about 75% more calories than a normal day and carbs should be about 300g. Does this sound too high/to low? I am also lifting tomorrow. Obviously all food I am eating will be healthy and clean. Thanks for your opinions.

here are general guidelines for refeeds:

  1. they MUST be above maintenance to be effective (to fixing hormone problems etc.)

2)they MUST be low fat (under 50g per day)

  1. try to keep protein intake normal (around 1g per lb)

so a hypothetical 200g lb lifter would eat perhaps 20x BW in calories (4000) of which 800 calories will come from protein (200g) 450 calories will come from fat (50g) and the rest of the 3500 calories will come from carbs (875g)

make sure you do a full-body workout before carb looading and spread your carbs out throughout the day.

don’t be afraid of the processed stuff either, as that may be the only way to reach your calorie/carbs goals without extreme stomach discomfort.

have fun, and dont freak out if you weigh upwards of 10 lbs. heavier the next day, it will come off in less than a week.


[quote]totti13 wrote:

whoops, yeah i accidentally subtracted the grams, not calories. my bad.

new numbers would be: 200g protein, 50g fat, 687g carbs

687 carbs>!!!

[quote]gaddismotivate wrote:
687 carbs>!!![/quote]

That’s not so bad. I had 960g a few days ago and I only weigh 145.

I’m sticking to 450

[quote]gaddismotivate wrote:
I’m sticking to 450[/quote]

how did you arrive at that number? keep in mind that a refeed that is too low in calories will not do what you want. the point is to send a STRONG “fed” signal to the brain. this means that they must be substantially above maitenence. I’d say 3x BW in carbs is a MINIMUM.

If you need motivation to make it through your refeed here’s some:

[quote]Bloobird wrote:
If you need motivation to make it through your refeed here’s some: [/quote]

Unfrigginbelievable. That guy probably has Kobayashi’s genetics.

He’s the man. You can follow his blog if you’re interested.