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My First Proper Diet


Some background info first. I’m 6-foot-7, 230-235lbs. A little more than over a year ago at about my current weight, I underwent a bad diet consisting of aerobic exercise and too few calories, leaving me skinny-fat. Since then I’ve gained back the 30lbs lost, most of it being muscle. My bodyfat though is still in the high tens.

I’m now looking to end my bulk and shed some fat for the summer, about 15lbs of it. I’ve been at my current weight for a solid month.

Bench press and squat (front) are about 85% of BW, deadlift about 110%.

Here’s my plan for you to critique:

Nutrition-wise I’m going for T-dawg 2.0 with about 3000kcal a day, with one healthy carb-up a week.

Training-wise I’m thinking of doing an EDT-plan of my own devising to fit my gym, 10RM loading 15mins:

Monday: db chest press/row and front squat/romanian deadlift

Wednesday: pullup/dips and deadlift/stepup

Friday: military press/t-bar row and back squat/goodmorning

Supplement-wise I will take 10g’s each of creatine/bcaa/fish oil along with my usual serving of post-workout drink.

Do you see any flaws/improvements or do I have my bases covered?

Thanks in advance!

Hey I did the same thing last year (got skinny fat, then put on some muscle). I’m in the exact same boat, 6’6" 245 lookin’ to drop 15 lbs. Diet looks fine to me, don’t forget to drop the calories by 500 after the first week (as it suggests in the article). t-dawg is pretty much what i’m doing. oats for breakfast and carbs (malto) post workout. I lost 4lbs in the first week (mostly because my eating slowed I believe, but I’ll take it).

I have not idea on the EDT, i’ve not researched and tried that.

Good luck man.

Hey thanks for the message, nice to see somebody in the same boat.

The 3000kcal is already -500kcal from the starting point. I’ve tried the diet for a few weeks and like it. You’re going to loose alot of water weight in the beginning so don’t worry.

With regards to EDT, I chose it because I’ve never done it before and I like variety. I also like the basic concepts, kicking ass for 15min periods aiming to every time improve on your previous results, without limiting yourself to a conventional set and rep scheme.

Best of luck to you too!