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My First Post

I’ve been reading this site for a while and thought i’d post here and monitor my results. it will help me be more serious about this and hopefully will allow me some feedback from you guys.

i’m 6’4, 190, 18% bf

i’m planning to start big boy basics for approximately 3-4 weeks. i plan to work out tuesday, thursday, saturday, sunday with either rest or light cardio on the other days. i will try to get 8 hours of sleep a night.

i am vegetarian. using Berardi’s formulas i’ve figured i should eat about 3700 cals a day and will try to keep it 40c/30p/30f. i also will only eat p/f or p/c meals, never c/f together.

for carbs, i plan to eat: oatmeal, whole weat bread, sweet potatoes and veggies and fruits

for protein: Grow!, Low-Carb Grow!, cottage cheese, eggs (w/dha), milk, yogurt

for fats: flax, walnuts, almonds, natural peanut butter, olive oil

Surge (pwo), creatine w/ glutamine tablets, multivitamin

any other thoughts? thanks for the input.

What are your goals? For your height and weight, your bf is pretty high. I’m 6’6, so I know 190 is not bony, but pretty thin. What is your age and lifting experience? If your goal is to get big, you need to keep your metabolism down. Meaning no cardio, and three big meals as opposed to six. And lift heavy, basic movements. Again, before I could give any advice, I would need more info. But I do know how to get big. I started at 165 pounds and am now at 290.(It took 20 years)


thanks for your response. to clarify, although i am 18%, that is off a tanita scale.

i try to measure sunday evenings, after dinner (around 8 or so). am i measuring at the right time?

i am generally considered slim by anyone who sees me. i have a little fat on my stomach/chest, but i don’t think 18% worth.

to clarify my goals.

i would like to add some bulk to my long frame (enough to notice), so maybe 10, 15 lbs? at least crack 200

i would like to do so while decreasing or holding constant my bf. i know its not possible for advanced lifters but i am relatively non-hardcore.

also, i am 27 years old and have been lifting on/off for 7 years or so. however, there have been big gaps inbetween.

i only serious about it recently, but have a pretty good grounding in the theory and form of each exercise.


Well, I can tell you what I would do, this worked for me.

  1. Diet, you have it lined out, but I would add to eat a high calorie meal (shake with eggs or ice cream and fruit) right before bed. If you wake up in the night, have a protein bar, but by far, the most important, is eat a good breakfast. It will provide you with the nutrition you need, but more importantly, you will train your body to want and need more food. I remember when I was thin, I only ate when I was hungry, and the results showed.

  2. Training. After the first 2 months, I think you should settle into training 1 bodypart a day, once per week. I feel this is most effective because it enables you to focus on the bodypart, obliterate it, and get out of the gym in a timely manner. The exception is abs, you can work them every other day. You may want to work calves more often too. If you go with your diet and supplements, and work out very hard and intensely, you should gain your desired 10-15 in 6 months. You’ll probably gain 5-10 soon after starting your creatine.

thanks 40.

do my calories seem about right to you 3700 a day?

my typical bedtime meal is 1 scoop of Low-Carb Grow! mixed with 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil. and i will also eat i cup of lowfat cottage cheese.

does this sound equally sufficient to what you had described?

also, would you eat 40c/30p/30f or someother mix?

To be honest, I have never counted calories. When I first started trying to gain weight, I was playing college basketball, so my metabolism was crazy, and I just ate as much as I could. I do remember eating so much before going to bed feeling like I was going to puke. I would eat a blenderful of a weightgainer shake with ice cream and 4 eggs, and four fried potatoe patties with salsa. Then get up an hit the cafeteria and start all over. My weight gain was very slow and frustrating, but I was able to gain 10-15 pounds per year.

It was only when I got in my late twenties that I really began to learn about proper nutrition, ie- adequate protein intake. Creatine came out when I was about 28, and I thought it was awesome. People would say it didn’t work and that it was a fad and all that, and that was bullshit. I could see and feel that it worked. Anyway, long story short, if thats still possible, eat, lift, be happy. You will see gains. Don’t look at other guys and compare yourself to them. You are building your body, nobody elses. Good luck.

well, i completed my first week of Big Boy Basics and these are my stats:

to refresh your memory, i started at 6’4", 191, 18.5% bf

cardio 25 mins (medium to light)

flat bench 8x3@5rm (145 lbs)
seated row 8x3@5rm (105 lbs)
pullup 8x3@5rm (resistance level 7 ~34lbs)
standing db shoulder press 8x3@5rm (35 lbs)

cardio 25 mins (medium to light)

BB squats 3x8@10rm (145)
leg raises 3x8@10rm (hanging, no weight)
DB deads 3x8@10rm (50 dbs)
decline bench situps 3x8@10rm (holding 45 plate)
standing calf raise 3x8@10rm (195)


45deg db bench 3x8@10rm (45 dbs)
45deg db rows 3x8@10rm (35 dbs)
standing bb curls 3x8@10rm (60)
standing reverse tri pressdown 3x8@10rm (120)

hack squats 8x3@5m (145)
lying leg curls 8x3@5rm (90)
lying leg raises 8x3@5rm (10)
seated calf raises 8x3@4rm (180)

weighed myself again on sunday evening

start: 191, 18.5
day 7: 195.5, 18.5 (probably creatine)
day 14: ??

any and all thoughts and comments welcomed. i ate close to 3500 calories a day, i’m trying to take in 3700 or so.

and i’m taking 4 grams of creatine per day. any suggestions?


Double your creatine intake, one in the morning, one directly following your workout, unless you are working out in the morning, then just split them.
I am not familiar with that workout, but I sure as shit don’t like it.

Nope looks good creatine is fine no need to waste itr. 1 tsp ~ 5g is plenty. Unless your a veggie then maybe more will do you some good.

Keep up the great work


[quote]Phill wrote:
Nope looks good creatine is fine no need to waste itr. 1 tsp ~ 5g is plenty. Unless your a veggie then maybe more will do you some good.

Keep up the great work


He is a veggie Phill so I guess the second dose would help him a tad. Or you could eat some juicy steak???