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My First OT Cycle! (Log)


ok i will be starting my first cycle in about 1 week time. My stats are 175cm and 86kg with about 14-15% bodyfat, i know genetically speaking I'm not even near my max, but after a lot of thinking i have decided to give it a try here is what I have come up with..

OT Cycle
W1 30mg ED
W2 40mg ED
W3 50mg ED
W4 60mg ED
w5 70mg ED
w6 60mg ED
w7 50mg ED
End of cycle..
Start of PCT
Day1 Clomid 250mg or 200mg? (i was thinking 250mg)
Day 2-9 100mg ED
day 10-17 50mg
day 17-24 50mg <- and continue if still needed for a extra week..

I also have Novadex on hand, should i just take it? from my understanding OT shouldn't cause any gyno problems so i'm not exactly sure about that.
Also i have read about psychological problems with clomid use, is this something i should be worried about? Everyones Input is welcome here, and I wont be taking anything personally, just be as honest as u can.

Note: about the increase in doses, if ofcourse during any stage of the cycle i see any extreme side effects ill rather lower the dose than increase it.

peace oscar


You will not need to run an AI during cycle and do not use the nolv during cycle unless gyno flares up, but it shouldn't with this compound at that dosage. I have used clomid many times and never had a negative sife effect. The cases you hear of are extremely rare, I wouldn't worry about them.

That being said I wouldn't run an all OT cycle as my first. Unless you got something against needles you would get much better gains from 12weeks of 500mg/week test only. But it appears your mind is already made up and your gear is in place so.... Good luck.


Hey, 2thepain...Agree it's a cycle that's probably going to disappoint him, but these days, he's lucky to have any damn gear at all to begin with!/;-D


Hi Oscar,

I've run an OT only cycle twice and would recommend running it with test, but ok if you're as stubborn as I it won't matter what I say :slight_smile:

Runt it for 6 weeks at 60 mg ED in 3 doses of 20 mg each or 2 doses of 30 each.

Keep it simple. Keep it safe. No need for Nolva until PCT. Use milk thistle (throughout the cycle) and it will help you grow, relieving stress from your liver, however over-emphasized it is.

Best regards,



thanks for the replies guys, i know the base of any cycle should be test and i will consider that for my second one. There are many reasons involved why I simply cant do test atm, first of all if i did do test\dbol cycle i would gain too much muscle in a short peroid of time, my parents/family etc would know, and seriously if u knew my family that is not a cool thing for them to know. My idea was ill gain some size with OT wait awile , and hit test\dbol cycle and even tho i will grow they might not expect it much. If i gained 5kg muscle and lost some fat with OT I would be thrilled. We'll see what the future holds.

peace oscar


just wondering what results you have got running tbol with test, and if u lost some fat while doing it?


i started my OT cycle, two doses 25mg each at 2pm and at 10pm, cause i go gym late about 11:30pm, you think should take it just b4 gym? or is 1h 30mins sufficient? so far for day 1 i feel great, but i did a bit shitty until i took my second dose which totally pumped me.. Went gym did 5x5 on bench press, incline db press, then tried the workout of the week high,medium,flat incline to failure.. Then some Dips,close grip bench, tricep pushdowns all 5x5, i know its a bit too much but i really could handle it easily. hope this only gets better. Ill keep updating here

peace oscar


OT levels in your blood reach a peak between 1 and 3 hours after you injest it, according to the original East German research. Half life is about 7 hours.

There are three strategies you can adopt when taking orals:

  1. Maintain relatively steady blood levels around the clock. For this, you'd divide up your daily dose and take it at regular intervals, say 1/3 every 8 hours.

  2. Take your entire daily dose upon waking up. This causes less suppression of your body's natural test production and quicker post-cycle recovery, but less gains than the first approach. (This is a better strategy with something like dbol; OT is not nearly as suppressive.)

  3. If you want to experiment with juicing your workouts, take part or all of your daily dose about 1.5 to 2 hours before you hit the gym. Not sure how effective this would be with OT; it's not very androgenic at all.

Personally, I would go with the first approach.




Keep this going I am watching with very keen interest. Thanks and keep up the detailed posts.



day 2 was last nights 5x5 back training day. i actually completed 6 exercises 5x5 on all, and man i still had more in me. The thing I've noticed already is my rest times are very short about 30-60secs when usually with heavy weight its 2-3 mins. I started to get back pumps after Deadlifts , which I've heard is a side effect of T-bol, but it wasn't too severe.

Also u know that muscle pain u feel after a hard training workout, well I'm not sure if its placebo effect, but as soon as i take my dose of 25mg the pain sort of goes away, or atleast it feels good. ohh and i must say the libido is amazing, I'm like a horny midget on 4 legs :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: ohh, and weighed myself yesterday at 86kg..

peace Oscar


day 3

went for a 3km run today god it was beautiful, i now remember why i quit smoking. Today my workout consisted of Chins,BB Rows, Cable Rows, Machine Rows, Preacher Curls, BB Curl, DB Curl

again it was 5x5 on all exercises, and yet again i still had more fuel, but i must say i had about 8 meals that day. My back pumps have become far worse (lower back) it kinda hurts while walking even. I got Legs Today so we'll see how the squats go with that. I've noticed the pump getting some what stronger, its like feeling tense all day, pretty good feeling :slight_smile:

peace oscar


day 4

today was leg day, and i wasn't too keen because of the back pumps , but once i got into the gym and started to deep squat i felt much better, it was the perfect cure for my lower back (deep squats ftw) i also upped the dose 10mg b4 gym tonight, and took it 30mins b4 felt great and very tied now.. also taking 18 BCAA , 6before,during,after my workouts..

incase u wanna know what i did , 5x5 of squats,leg presses, leg curls, lunges, and did 10x5 of calves since i hear Waterbury say somewhere its the best he has found for hypertrophy for calves. it worked well actually. all in all, i feel better as the days are going on..



Sounds about right. Mild pack pumps and really good recovery. If the pumps persist throughout your cycle, it may only take a week for them to stop post cycle.

Any feelings of dizziness or shortness of breath? If so, stop taking stimulant supplements and do light cardio if any at all.

Keep it up. I'm interested how things go after four weeks.


yeah, so far cardiovascular is great, i've planned doing cardio 3x a week, and im riding my bike 5x a week to gym (about 6km there and back). Today i feel great back pumps have gone away, can barely notice it now.


day 5, i did some shoulder and more tricep work at gym, i felt almost burnt out that day, my rest times were a lot longer but come Saturday i was pumped again, i didn't do any cardio till today Sunday and i think I've figured out why i got those back pumps so bad early in the week, I'm guessing it must have been the cardio i did on Tuesday i think it was.

As soon as i did a 2km run today my back started to irritate me almost instantly. Other than that i feel great, haven't felt this good in years. Could it be that i have high estrogen? ever since i started not only do i feel energetic, my anxiety has totally gone, i don't feel depressed etc its like 'Woah' i remember this feeling.


damn, customs came to my house this morning 8:05am with my second package and tried threatening me with a raid next time i order, it was so funny as i sat there denying it, bastards wanted me to sign something saying they came etc.. and i said no :confused: damn there goes ordering to my house again :frowning:


can't believe the bastards actually came to my house :stuck_out_tongue:


day 8

did chest\tricep workouts today
bench press
db bench
workout of the week high,mid,flat failure sets
close grip bench
tricep pushdowns

felt great threw out, Rest times have increased about 2mins between sets, Also about my libido its gone :frowning: i mean im still horny but there is no energy to get it up if ya know what i mean, its like been drunk and having sex that feeling of laziness towards sexual pleasure :frowning: its been like this for 2days now.. dunno if its normal but i can definitely say im less hornier now and cant really get it up so much as the first couple of days. Maybe its all in my head :stuck_out_tongue:

peace oscar


day 9

i upped the dosage to 100mg today just to test it out, i got into a huge argument with some friends about their lame "no explode works" ideas lol so im guessing maybe i had a little roid rage at that dose :P.. my pumps have gone somewhat, i still feel tight but not so pumped anymore.. or maybe i just have gotten used to it.

peace oscar


day 11, did the squat\legpress\legcurls\leg ext routine today and my back pumps were intense, i have been dosing high this week, and 80mg on squat day, Got the back pumps again. Strength has increased 10kg in a week on squats alone but my rest times have become some what 5mins because of back pumps. Like i would do a set of squats then for 5mins my back is so pumped that i cant move heh. so i wait awile for it to go away so i can give that 100% again on the set.

While rest times have increased so has my workout time for legs. probably was at gym for 2hours, not feeling burnt out at all though. I remember after all those leg exercises i jumped on the seated calves hit 45kg on it with 10x5 it was awesome, my calves have never been that strong. supplements i've been taking are only BCAA\protein, But i've ordered about 700$ mostly just bcaa\amino-acids\energy stuff\TRIBEX\Carbolin 19 gonna really give Carbolin 19 a good hit for a 8-10 week peroid and longer if it produces good results

peace oscar..

ps: only side effect so far is one pimple side of nose. and back pumps lol.. its a sweet ride for me :slightly_smiling: my body is really loving the stuff.