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My First of 3 FF Drafts


Ok I think I nailed this one. This is an ESPN League 10 teams, PPR with distance scoring bonuses. TD's range from 4 Pts to 8 based on yardage, also it's 1 point per 10 yards rushing & Recieving, 1 Pt for 5 completions and 1 Pt per 50 Passing yards, with bonuses for 300 Yrd games and 400 yrd games. I drafted out of the 5 hole start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR Flex, 1 TE, 1 D/ST, 1 K

Rd 1 - Drew Brees
Rd 2 - Frank Gore
Rd 3 - Marques Colston
Rd 4 - Clinton Portis
Rd 5 - Antonio Gates
Rd 6 - Chad Ochocinco
Rd 7 - Anthony Gonzolas
Rd 8 - Larry Johnson
Rd 9 - Eddie Royal
Rd 10- Leon Washington
Rd 11- Matt Hasselback
Rd 12- Steve Breaston
Rd 13- Sand Diego D
RD 14- LeSean McCoy
Rd 15- Rob Bironas
Rd 16- Kevin Kurtis



Looks solid. Good mix of guys with alot to prove this year.

Gore-Runs with violent intentions and should benefit from a better locker room vibe this year.

Portis-Zorn says he wants to reduce his touches this yesr so he wont break down.More passes?

Anthony Gonzales- Great slot reciever. Lots of touches.

Larry Jonhson-Same as gore. Something to prove.

Leon Washington-Hope he gets enough playing time.If Jones gets hurt this will be gold.

Kevin Curtis-Good sleeper pick.

Chad Johnson-With TJ gone he should light it up.Guy is fearless across the middle.

Matt Hasselback-If his back problems are behind him this should pay off large.

Nice job V. No Steelers! grrrrrr.


Tony Gonzales hung around to the 7th round?

I think he's going to get a lot of catches from Ryan, and will be a major red zone factor. Great pickup Veg.


Whooops... My bad


Yea, basically my strategy was to get the hands down #1 points scorer. Brees was in the 400's last season while the top RB was low 300's with all the depth at RB this year I was even considering going QB WR in rounds 1 & 2 if any of the top 3 or 4 fell to me in the second round, it is a PPR league after all.

Gore was sitting there staring me in the face though and I have him as a top 10 back with potential to be top 5 or even take home #1 honors if he has a good season.

From there I had to grab double points with Colston as every time he catches a TD I'll get a double whammy with Brees. Greg Jennings was the only other top wideout available there and while I do like him a lot, I don't think either has a huge advantage so just went with colston. After that I had guys who were de-valued who I thought were primed for a big rebound year. I can't believe Portis fell that far, and think Ochocinco and LJ were also great value picks.

Between Eddie Royal and Anthony Gonzalas, I should have a minster flex player with the PPR and I can play them in matchups and either are sold for my WR Bye weeks. Gates was obviously a no brainer, the two picks before him were Witten and Gonzo, I almost pulled the trigger on Dallas Clark there but my gut just said Gates was the right move. 3 defenses went off the board before I took SD and at that time I had a solid team already, they were my #1 so I pulled the trigger on them there. There was pools of similar talent in both WR and BR so I figured I could wait to continue to fill out my depth.

Granted this is a 10 Team and is my easiest league, I had the best record last season at 9-3-1 and lost in the semi finals to an owner who had steve smith and pierre thomas and in that week they were freaking monsters. They basically single handedly beat my whole team. My next two leages are a 14 team league with really good long time owners who all take it very seriously, that league is by far the hardest league to put together a really good team.



It's pretty good. The only thing I would say is that you really don't have a stud RB. Gore has the possibility to be one. Portis and LJ are on the downhill slide.

Also, as a Charger fan, i'm not sold on our Defense yet. Through two preseason games they only have one total sack. I know it is only the preseason, but i'm just worried of a repeat of last year.


Yea, I only count 4 stud RB's, All Day, MJD, Forte and Turner, and I don't even really like turner this year. Every other RB has some sizeable questions, so I took the nearly certain thing with Brees. I mean S Jax or Tomlinson would be good in a PPR league, but there is some sizeable injury risk with them. If I did go RB in the first round, I would have only had the option of A Rogers as my starting QB, so I think the combination of Brees, Gore. Is better that S-Jax or Tomlinson / Rodgers.



I'm not one to take a QB in the 1st round but considering that you did, you filled out the rest of the roster quite nicely. Also agreed that anything goes from the #5 spot onward, and even Burner isn't obvious there in a PPR.

Gore should never have been available there so that was great value. But where you got E Royal in a PPR format shows me that your best decision of the entire draft was to surround yourself with idiots (no offense if it's a friends league but it's true)

Love that Brees-Colston combo as well. Very high on Colston and Pierre Thomas this year.


Well i noticed your league gives more points to QBs compared to the one i'm in, so i think you did the right thing by picking a QB early.

Ever since Peyton Manning had that record breaking season years ago, the commish in my league puts less emphasis on the QB. I actually won it three years ago(i think) with Jake Plummer as my QB.