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My First Meet


i just competed in my first push/pull meet. i was competing raw @ 176 in the 181's

I tied my previous gym pr on bench and set a new pr by 20 pounds and deads

I wanna thank everyone who posted advice in my thread a while back asking for advice on bench...while my bench isn't at all impressive it was better than it used to be and coulda done more but i went for a bit too much on my 3rd attempt

dead- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4pUmJ1NSy4

bench- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTWAHBgwK88

missed bench- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-MHOzihVdc

if anyone see's something form related i could work on or has any other advice i'd appreciate it...
thanks again T-Nation


nice job. deadlift looked flawless. bench looked fine. just learn to explode more off the chest


Good work

Damn near looks like youd have got that bench if they let you grind it out BUT it did go down on the left side damn fine effort

the DL nice work seems you left a LOT on the platform it was a very solid pull



nice lifting man....so your from NJ also? where at in this state of ours? its really good to find a fellow lifter in a state that doesnt have a really big popularity with powerlifting


yep...i'm from jersey...from franklinville...southern jersey...
i was looking online and found a decent ammount meets...i live sorta near philly and there are a few there....
where you from


yeah...405 was my previous pr...i'd tried 415 the week before but i just couldn't get it....soo..425 was great...don't know how much of a difference was made by using an actual deadlift bar...seemed to be thinner...
plus there was some adrenaline...

basically i didn't know how much i needed to go up...and after going up 20 on bench and missing i played it a little conservative...

as far as the bench goes...what i can get it get easy...but then a few pounds heavier and it doesn't go...


thanks for the advice...i will work on that


Nice work. That is a crazy high sticking point for a raw bench!


Looked like you had that bench and could have ground it out, but like Phil said, I think there was some downward motion on that left said.

They always told us when spotting that downward motion meant to get the bar.

Solid performance either way.


WOW!! damn man im buena. Im right next to you...you go to Delsea? haha...sweet.


would that mean triceps are weak?
as you can tell by the low numbers bench is new to me...so the whole knowing how to improve it is new to me


yeah i did....i graduated in 2001 though...that is pretty crazy you're so close


yeah...my left side is much weaker on everything...
when i was doing it i didn't realize why they stopped it but when i saw the vid i saw that downward movement...ah well


haha...sweett.....yeah where you train at? but all bullshittin aside your lifts are solid as hell, you left a good 30 lbs easy on that platform for the dead, and im sure you heard a football coach from delsea talk about a towel bench? i.e. board press? they will help your sticking point no problem.


Hey, you had that bench, man.

I don't think your problem is explosion off the chest; it looked like it popped right off.

I think your problem is leg drive.

Once it stalls like that, you must drive through the legs and push it up. I don't even think that it was really triceps; from the looks of it, I think you triceps would have been strong enough. I don't think you were driving enough with your legs.

What do you think?

BTW, I'm a novice lifter, no expert, but those are just my observations after watching your vid several times.

Anyway, great job overall, your #s are good and form looked great.


Great job! I'm competing myself in December (9th in Bigler, PA). I can definitely see a great reason for video though so I'm going to get my gf to get a recorder.

Once again, great job on your meet!


right now i'm training in turnersville....
and honestly i didn't start lifting till a few years ago so i never heard anyone from delsea say anything about training...but yeah...i'm gonna start focusing on some more lockout training


yeah...i think that could very well be the problem....i didn't even really learn proper leg drive until 2 days before the meet....so it definately isn't something i'm used to and i probably forgot completely to even do it...thanks a lot for the advices...


thanks a lot man...and the recording it is a GREAT idea...just the advice i'm getting from people who know a lot more than me is such a great help...plus you get a chance to self correct some things to you may not notice during the lift...


Nice job on your first meet. You definitely had more in you on the DL attempt, but it can be really hard to judge, especially with the adrenaline, like you said.

My sticking point is similar to yours on bench. Pretty high for a raw lifter. I'd be happy to offer you advice, but I've been stuck for a few weeks, so I'm not going to jinx you. lol.

Keep up the good work.