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My First Meet


I competed in my first meet on Sunday and it was an awesome experience. It feels amazing to see all the work that I've put in the gym build up to something!!

I went 7 for 9, all lifting in just a belt and at a B/W of 87.8 kg @ 19years old.

150kg - good lift
165kg - good lift
175kg - miss, got half way and it jsut came crashing back down, I probably went a bit TOO deep if anything. I buried it cos i was afraid of cutting it high and getting reds!

100kg - good lift
107.5kg - good lift
112.5kg - good lift and PB (MIGHT have been good for 115kg)

180kg - good lift
190kg - good lift
200kg - miss AGAIN, I seem to forget how to DL when ever I try to pull 200...

Next comp is July 1st, goals...

Squat: 185kg
Bench: 120/125kg
Deadlift: 200/210kg


Great job. Keep up the hard work




Way to go Hanley. 7 for 9 is excellent. I rember how pumped I felt after my first meet. It was a great feeling. Do you plan to keep lifting raw or are you going to add gear?


Gear will come in time. I reckon I'll give it maybe one more year or training raw. My fed's single ply (WDFPF) so I want to observe and see what the best stuff to go for is too...

As for the pumped feeling.... yeah it was great, I felt like shit today tho!! Everything hurts.

Thanks to the other posters too.


Welcome to the club, man. Keep it up.


There's my 190kg Deadlift!!

It came up so sweet, I'm really bummed about my terrible attempt at 200.


nice work.


nice job man i actully did my first meet the day before, on saturday. it definitly was alot of fun


Congrats, dude.

You brought it.


Good job. Your deadlift looked plenty strong.

On your pull, I would suggest not 'shrugging' at the end of the movement. Keep your shoulders down. Your arms just connect you to the bar. I think if you eliminate this extra movement you should have a more efficient stroke.

Also when you put the bar down. You can essentially just relax and just keep your hands on the bar. You look like you are doing a negative. You are only wasting energy for the next lift by doing this.

Great job, keep up the good work.



The weight looked easy in the video. A tip for you. Try to not lean so far back at the finish. Some judges will decline the lift because when you lean so far back your knees come unlocked. Keep up the good work.


Thanks bro.

I ended up going 150,100,180 on my openers and they were easy.

Thanks to Beef too... I've been trying to work on my DL form. I don't think i have the most gifted physique when it comes to the DL, my arms seem to be realtively short and my torso long. Ah well...


That's my 200kg attempt.

I'm pretty sure the strength is there but everything about the lift was wrong.

I know...

-My hips were too high
-legs were almost locked by the time the bar broke the floor

...anything else??

This is 190kg.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkX_ZXfAHqA


Your stance looks really narrow, is there a reason for that?
I'm also thinking your legs lockout so soon because you don't really get them down much in your set up. A bit wider stance might help that.
I'm no expert, just a suggestion.


Critiquing a third attempt pull is difficult and almost not fair as most lifters are gassed and if they are going to be off, this is the lift.

The only difference I could see b/t your second and your third is on the second you seem to sit back better. Otherwise, it just looks too heavy that day. No big deal.

I totally agree with Beef in that you need to loose the over travel at the top. I don't know if you do racks or not, but if you do, work on squeezing your ass at the top and not moving past the position that puts you in. Same with pulls from the floor. Don't know if this makes sense or not, but it should help.


Your stance width is perfect. As a conventional puller, your legs should be underneath you. Ideally, they are perpendicular to the ground and your arms just on on the outside, perpedicular to the floor.

Play around with your toe direction. I pull sumo in contest, but in the offseason I rotate with conventional to develop back/ham strength. Try pointing your toes slightly out. I pull conventional with my toes slightly out. I am talking about a few degrees tops.



Very true, i was totally spent!!

I think mey hips were far too high, like the 190 came up so well, there'd shou;dn't have been that much of a difference at 200??

I tihnk I have fairly short arms, would you agree? (that's too anyone) And do shorter arms lend themselves better to pulling sumo?


Pulling sumo also depends on your hip flexibility. If your groin flexibility prevents your knees from going out, you will have problems with sumo.

Give it a shot, if you like it you will know.



If this was your first meet then these are ALL PR's!!!