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My first meet

On April 17th I’ll be competing (RAW) in my first full meet. I was wondering what things I should bring.

I was looking on deep squatter and I was wondering why baby powder would be included in the lift of things to bring. Why would you bring baby powder to a meet?

for deadlifting… put it on your thighs.

Now I know why PL’s always seemed to have ‘chalked’ themselves up for DL’s!!

It makes a huge difference. I used to get my deads stuck on my suit at the top. But with baby powder it just slides right up.

One thing i neglected my first meet that i havent since is FOOD. Meets last a long time. I buy two six packs of snickers and eat them throughout the day. here is my non gear list.

  1. food
  2. Pepsi One
  3. Ephedrine
  4. Towel
  5. Extra clothes(just in case you have to go to the hospital)
  6. Flip Flops
  7. Video camera

Also, if you haven’t got a squat suit/ Bench shirt what sort of clothing do you recommend - just t-shirts and baggy trousers…?


at most meets you have to wear a singlet regardless.