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My First Meet


Competing in my first meet next month its the Perth big bench so its a bench only comp ill be in the 90kg class ill be establishing my 1rm this week. I'm hoping I can get a 180kg for my third attempt I think my 1rm is around 140kg-150kg atm so I have 5 weeks to put 30kg on it. I dunno if that is doable but I'm gonna try fucking hard for this one. I'm pritty excited for this fellas ill keep a log of my training and shit over the next 5 weeks and finish with a vidor of my attemps on the day


How long have you been training? Either way thats a pretty lofty goal. 2x Bw bench is no joke and takes some dedicated lifters many years to get. I don't think there's any way you'll get there in 5 weeks, but you might as well bench like crazy and see what happens.


I don't know who said it but I go by it going into meets. You aren't going to make any serious progress the month before a meet but you can most definitely seriously set yourself back. My opinion, good luck in whatever you decide to do and keep us posted.


Iv been bodybuilding for the last 5-6 years but only recently started powerlifting. Guess ill see in 5 weeks lol


Benched tonight for like an hour I am benching 2 days a week volume on Monday nights and heavy on Thursday nights (tonight was volume)
Started with 40kg warm up 5 reps did 3 sets then went to 60kg 5 reps of 2 sets then went to 90kg 5reps 2sets then did working sets of 120kg 5 reps and did about 7 sets of that finished with some isolated pressing with my feet up felt really good on my chest I only did 3 reps like this for another 2 sets so all up I did 8 sets warming up and then 9 working sets.

Did some accessory work after that for about half an hour hit lats starting with pull ups then dumbbell rows and then close grip lat pull down then hit triceps with skull crushers and then cable press downs, 4 sets of all accessory work gonna stick to going heavy and do 3-6 reps of all. I'm not sure if its a good idea to do accessory work after a main workout like I did tonight anyone else do this?