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My First Log with Husband


Ok, here goes. It’s dark outside and I’m still frustrated about yesterday so he told me to really get all that shit and pain out.my log
1 mile jog warmup and stretch

100 walking lunges
400 meter sprint

Walk back and forth from 50 yd and back once

110 air squats
400 sprint

Walked to 100 back and forth once

86 dang kettlebell deadlifts
400 really trying sprint

Half lap around track and a little stretching

109 sit-ups
200 balls to the walls sprint

Half lap walk plus extra 50 yds

47 jump squats with 5 lbx2 ankleweights on with a few breaks cuz really burning fell on ass twice

Mile cool down and stretch

I’m in pain but I’m so thankful he helped me out. Him awake usually, um no, but he knew what I needed…guess that’s why we got married, but damnit why didn’t he carry me over the threshold my calves are twitching lol

Explosive and Heavy at 5 am

Forgot didn’t time. But balls to the walls fast cuz I had cinnamon rolls rising. It wasn’t about prs it was about getting pain out.


Explosive and heavy at 5 am

Shit my thighs, core and glutes burn, oh the insanity. Edit: I didn’t go with husband…his butt was in bed :rofl:. He won’t have anything to do with ever helping me because he finds it boring and would rather do his own thing. @Chris_Colucci