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My First Injection - PIP Question

Sorry if it’s a stupid question. I did my first injection, of my first cycle this morning. 500mg of Test Enanthate, 2mL at 250mg/mL into my thigh. I expected it to hurt at least a little bit, but I got absolutely no post-injection pain. Literally none. Now I’m worried that I did it wrong. It might be because I used a 25 gauge needle, so even though I heated the oil a bit it still took over 30 seconds to inject the whole thing. Or because I had a really tough leg workout the day before.

Either way, it’s been four hours now and there’s been no bleeding, no bump on my thigh, no soreness, nothing. Assuming the gear is legit (I have a great source), could I have done something wrong with injecting? I swear I read every injection instruction article I could get my hands on.

And a second quick question: I’m taking 20mg/day of Dianabol to kick start my cycle. I’m also taking 1mg/day of Arimidex. I’m wondering - when do I take the A-dex? I took them both at the same time this morning, on an empty stomach; is that okay?

THIRD question (sorry): How soon should I notice strength or size gains from the D-bol? I know way before the Test E, but approximately how long? One week? Two weeks?

If you need any more information about my age/stats/cycle/PCT, just ask. Thanks in advance.

You shouldn’t be getting too much pain from Test E or Test C, especially if it is high quality. I have Watsons brand Test C for my TRT and it doesn’t hurt a bit. Smooth like butter. I also use 30 gauge insulin pins–you should look into these.

Thanks for the quick reply man. Do you know anything about timing my doses of Arimidex and Dianabol?


No idea about Dbol, but Adex should be split evenly throughout the week. Probably 3x/week. MWF would work. As far as timing it to your shot, its much too difficult to guess (as far as i know) when your estogen will spike in relation to your dose, so can’t really “optimize” adex timing. Just split it up evenly and adjust the amount as needed based on how you feel and other feedback.

1mg of Adex per day??? Id drop that to .25mg EOD as a base and adjust as needed. As for your quad I’ve heard horror stories about injection pain with it. I was hesitant at first but I don’t feel a thing. If you were doing it wrong, you’d know for sure. If done properly your injections shouldnt be painful. As for your Dbol I’m assuming they are 10mg tabs. If so take one upon awakening and another 30 min before workout with your preworkout drink.

You’ll notice Dbol pumps and strength pretty quickly. Week 2 if not 3 for surrrre. Maybe bump it to 30mg, 1 more tab before bed. I take my Adex in the morning with breakfast, and inject at night before bed just the way it works best for me with my lifestyle. Keep it the same, that’s what matters with Adex. EOD or ED if needed to keep levels stable.

Oh and 25g pins are great. And 2mls in 30 seconds is actually pretty quick. Don’t be in a rush when injecting. Let the muscle absorb it.

I’ve been taking 1mg/day of Arimidex because I’m really prone to gyno (I’ve had it as an adult - luckily went away on its own). I’ll change that to 1mg EOD, but I’m too scared to take any less than that, at this point. I was considering raising my dose of D-bol, actually, so I’ll take your advice and take another tab before bed.

I didn’t know I had injected it pretty quick hahaha I’ll slow down.

I can’t fucking wait to start feeling that D-bol. Thanks a lot for the advice!

Update: It’s the day after. The PIP is there now hahahaha. It’s not too bad, though.