My First Gi Jits Class...

[quote]Michael C wrote:
Beershoes wrote:
I have always thought knowing the basics really well is superior to know all kinds of extravagant moves. Other than being out of practice, and rolling with guys who are WAY better, I feel my biggest problem is getting a tactical grasp on the gi.

How to use it against an opponent, and how not to let it get used against me. I feel like this is one of those things I’ll learn over time. So on to an actual question… Is Atama a good gi brand?

Yes. Lucky Gi’s are very popular right now, just expensive. And you can call jiu jitsu whatever the heck you want to, bro. Because the bottom line is, as a white belt, you are going to get your ass kicked either way, so fuck it. Call it brazilian cake cutting for all you care.

And dude, have you asked your instructors how many a brazilian is, yet? It is very important to know the specific number, that way once you get there, you know you are close to blue belt. [/quote]

A brazilian? Hahaha, I’ll have to keep that in mind.