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My First Exprience With Spike

I finally took myself together, and ordered 2 packages of Spike tablets - to see what all the hype was about!

I’m attending uni, and was off at 14.00 - got home, and in the mailbox there was a package for me. That’s nice I thought, because I’m beat out after a long day og advanced calculation in class.


14.48 I pop my first Spike.

14.50 Why hasn’t anything happened yet?

15.00 My right foot, is tapping annoyed at the chair. Nothing is happening.

15.15 This is bullshit. I want instant gratification. I don’t want to wait!

15.17 Starts to read a book in bed.

15.20 My eyes close. I fall asleep.

15.30 I Wake up. This usually doesn’t happen with mid-day naps.

15.31 I can’t fall back to sleep? I frantically close my eyes - but I’m thinking too much.

15.33 Finally my body caves in due to last nights late bedtime “studying”…

18.05 I wake up again. Very rested - or just awake right away! Not wasted like all the other afternoon naps.

18.10 I decide that Spike is overhyped - I can’t feel anything. Not even a buzz?

18.15 I go shopping for food. I’m pretty sharp at this point. I’m in a mood to picking up the pace. I’m much more talkative. Helping an old lady, and chitchatting with a guy in front of me in the line. I would usually just have grunted at him!

18.20 I’m back from shopping. And I’m really picking up the pace. Everything is done - and it’s done fast. I feel not like postponing things, but just doing them right now - because of the state of mind i’m in.

18.25 I write this review to convince myself that Spike is the shit and the real deal. I’m looking forward to trying it before a workout (tomorrow), before school, or before going out. And I’m looking forward too up it a notch with bigger doses!

How was/is your Spike experience?

How are Your doses? How much do you take etc?

My caffeine intake has gone fairly high recently, judging by the need the past month to pop a couple Excedrin Migraine capsules each morning to get rid of a headache.

So my last order included caffeine-free Spike instead of regular. I was hoping that the stimulant effect would get me through 5:00am workouts without having to take lots of caffeine.

(notate bene: Outside of Spike and a few Excedrin Migraine (with caffeine) during the day, 3 large cups of green tea was my only other source of caffeine.)

The first morning that I took 2 caffeine-free Spike instead of regular, as I drove away from the gym my wife asked how the experiment was going. I realized that I could feel a knot of pain in my left temple from caffeine withdrawal, but it was NOT accompanied by the typical sluggishness of low caffeine.

I felt alert and ready to deal with work. The knot of pain eventually subsided after another cup of green tea. Next morning was headache-free.

In the past, I’ve deliberately lowered my caffeine intake a few times, and always had 2-3 days of headaches. Caffeine-free Spike has got me through the transition much faster. It’s days later, and I think my workouts are just as good with caffeine-free Spike.

I don’t assume anyone else is in my situation, or that this anecdotal evidence will be beneficial, but you asked.

i like to use Caffeine-Free Spike with HRX.

Came home today to my 3 packages of SPIKE!, at first didn’t feel much but as soon as i hit the weights, woooow. didn’t expect that. Was great. once these are done im going to have to get myself more

Haa that’s exactly what happens to me. Just can’t stop talking. I am the MAN doing the fake gun shot at people with my hand as I interact with every living being that comes within a city block of me.

I then proceed to do everything that I’ve procrastinated or feared because, as I said, I am the MAN.

Interestingly I’ve found the same response from HRX.

I love Biotest.


Was your stomach full? That’s one reason why sometimes Spike is slow, less intense, but the effect lasts longer.
On an empty stomach, it’s usually very fast, very intense, but it goes away quickly.

I had some interesting experiences with caffeine-free Spike. That thing keeps the mind focused, but doesn’t prevent sleep. So I’m driving on the freeway, I’m almost falling asleep at the wheel, but somehow my mind is fully focused on whatever it’s doing while falling asleep.
I’m not sure if there’s a better way to describe that. But very weird for sure.

Now I learned my lesson. If I’m also sleepy in addition to unfocused, I either take some caffeine with the caffeine-free Spike (I’ve a bunch of that stuff), or just go to 7 eleven and take a regular Spike.

My wife is hypersensitive to caffeine, so she pretty much has to avoid drinking coffee. But I gave her a caffeine-free Spike and she said she didn’t feel anything.

Stimulants are weird and hard to predict.