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My First Ever Cycle (Test E & Anavar)

Introduction & About me

I’ve done plenty of research online and I’m confident that my cycle is low dose to keep any sides to a minimum, whilst it’s my first time using any anabolics.

Wk1-12 Test E @ 300mg/Wk (twice a week)
Wk1-8 Anavar @ 50mg/Day (25mg twice a day, once in morning and once in afternoon)

2 weeks after final Test E jab.
Day 1 100mg Nolvadex
Day 2-11 60mg Novaldex/Day
Day 12-21 40mg Nolvadex/Day

Main Concerns:
Gyno - As with most people, gyno is scary stuff. I’ve heard about taking an AI to be sure gyno won’t be an issue. Do you recommend this and when in my cycle would I start to take it? Because of the low dose of both test and anavar I’m hoping it won’t be a massive issue, alongside me going along with a PCT cycle too.

I’ve heard of some people started Anavar for the final 8 weeks rather than the first 8, is that just preference or is there some reasoning behind it?

Cheers for any help! And if you have any questions please fire away.

Would you be willing to listen that you’re too young and too skinny to start steroids?

I was half expecting to hear it! That’s another reason why I was trying to keep it as mild as cycles go.
I might not be quite as skinny as that anymore, as that weight was from slightly before Christmas and I have maintained the same BF%. I also have a decent amount of experience in the gym now. Approx 3.5 years of working out consistently (with an extended 6 month break due to broken leg)

This is not really a mild cycle tho. A mild cycle would be test only at 500 a week.

Altho at 22 your getting older it’s better than trying to run something at 18. I find most people aren’t going to listen at that age when people tell them they are to young. But I agree with the other fellow too young and way to skinny bro. Which leads me to belive your diet is completely garbage. With that being said you are going to gain very little from this cycle and your going to be disappointed… Get your diet together first put on 10+ solid pounds naturally then once you learn how to gain quick naturally go ahead and run a test cycle or hell even run a test and var cycle. I personally would run the var at the end of the cycle. The reason for this is your test levels have reached peak. Compared to running it at the beginning when essentially for the first few weeks your just gonna be running var alone while you wait for your test levels to reach peak

IV never seen a nolva pct set up like this… That doesn’t mean it won’t be effective I just have neevr seen it… What’s wrong with 40/40/20/20? I’m actually interested as to where you read this pct and why it’s only 3 weeks and why load 100mg of nolva?


Cycle looks good. I’d choose 300 test and anavar over higher test any day.

But why would you start another first cycle thread thinking standard advice on taking an AI would be different for you compared to the THOUSANDS of other first cycle posts here available at the click of a button?

I get posters here are much more tolerant than they used to be when I posted my first cycles but we still cant be spoon feeding these guys.



ive seen a few recommendations to do a Test cycle only on their first cycle. I feel that it’s definitely encouraged, I might decide to leave the anavar in that case. I just thought it might tighten me up a little.

But cheers for the advice on when the take the anavar, although I might leave it for now if I do a second cycle then it’s good to know.

I got the PCT cycle from a forum, although I might adopt the 40/40/20/20 as you suggest.

For the AI, I was thinking Arimidex. Would you recommend taking that from day 1 e3d?

Sorry about that - I probably shouldn’t have started a new thread it’s just nice to hear some assurance that’s (kinda) tailored to me, especially as I’m new to taking them for myself and only having done research on them previously.

But cheers for the cycle advice!

A lot of people will encourage a test only cycle and its for good reason. The reason behind it is to see how your body responds to one compound and to see how it effects your estrogen etc… With that being said if your 8 weeks into a test only cycle you then have a good understanding how your body handles test so I don’t see a problem adding a oral to the last 4 weeks or 6 weeks if you run the cycle a little longer… As far as adex goes there really is no right answer. There is a few wrong answers tho. I would not take more than 0.125 - .25 to start with you can always go up in dosage. I personally would wait til your 3rd week and see how you feel with just the test and then add it starting at that dose on injection day if you feel you need it. There is also the practice of using low dose nolva daily while on cycle instead of an AI altho I know nothing about this but reference can be found on this forum if you do a quick search

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That’s a good point. I think I’ll get some anavar too and if I feel good 8 weeks in then I’ll give them a shot, they’re still low dose too so hopefully should help negate too many sides.

I’ll have some added on hand and see how I’m coping with it, essentially I’ll see if I get sore nipples or any lumps underneath and take 0.152 on my injection days if I notice any signs.

Thanks for you help man! Really appreciate it.

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