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My First Ever Competition

Hey guys, the journey has been long and the struggle very real however after ten years i finally decided to attend my first ever competition. My dream had always been to just get on the stage one day and there was times i didn’t think i actually would but i pushed through it. I just wanted to say to anyone considering it that it is definitely is worth it, i stood in front of 400 people without ever being on a stage before and i’ll admit leading up to that point it was definitely a mental battle. I just wanted to share my before picture and my final stage picture for those unsure if it is worth it or not. It sure as hell is!

If you would like to see my journey from the start to finsh and my posing routine it is all on my instagram account bohemian.symmetry. I must give credit to this site because i used it for many years for advice and i still do. I thought this would be a great way to say thank you. You all have a beautiful day and keep following your dreams.


congratulations man , you have an amazing physique !

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Thank you so much for the kind response. There is definitely a ton of work.to do this off season with a bunch of weaknesses to look at but overall I’m so glad I didnt give up that last week. All the best and again thank you.

How did you place?

Congrats! Yeah, I’ve been saying for years that if the final result, stepping out under those lights wasn’t so amazing, no one would endure such self imposed suffering -lol.

Lineup pics?


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Not Bad !!! Congratulations!

Hey guys! So i placed second out of six of us. I’ll take a look on muscle insider for the line up pictures. I really do appreciate the congrats it wasn’t easy that’s for sure. Those last few weeks were hard, funny enough about 4 weeks to the comp i had the worst cravings ever! my gf has been competing for 15 years, we only started dating this year however i had never really dieted and of course i thought i could do it with no problem lol… that craving on the 4th week was so bad i bought maple cookies put them in separate bags and hid them around the apartment lmao! so she couldnt find them. Totally regretted it however i learned my lesson. Lots of weakness’s i need to work on so this next year its going to be about working on those and improving my posing as i was told by the judges i need to hold them longer and flex then transition. They said if i had done that better i would have placed 1st. It was only a novice comp however i didn’t expect 400 people to be in the crowd.

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Another comparison from start of prep till the stage.

Most. Majestic. Posing. Ever.


B[quote=“Lingweno, post:7, topic:248704”]
They said if i had done that better i would have placed 1st

Lots of props on doing the show, and bringing a solid package. I respect anyone who steps on stage seriously and puts it all out there.

I will say though, having judged many contests over the last 7 years that never, never have I ever seen anyone with the best physique not win , or do well in a show because of their posing.

Over the years, I’ve had the wonderful experience of having many pro competitors angrily demand to know why they finished where they did in the line up, and my “while you were huge and shredded, the guys ahead of you were huge-er and shredded-er” never really seems a satisfactory answer.



well he did say he came in 2nd. Is it not possible that the guy who won came in with a marginally worse physique but significantly superior posing to take the win? Like if they were pretty much neck and neck outside of that?

If they were neck and neck, then it was split and the judges should tell him so. I always tell competitors where I had them and whether the rest of the judging panel must have agreed or not with my assessment. Most placings are resulting of a split decision.

I’m always honest if someone cares enough to stay after the contest seeking feedback. I’d never tell someone who was just beaten by a competitor with a superior physique (as obviously agreed upon by 7 judges, not just myself, who don’t even know how each other scored the rounds until it’s all tallied for the finals)) that they lost because of something that isn’t scored in amateur contests like posing.


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ok that’s what I was wondering. I didn’t know if posing had a point-value that got factored in, sounds like it does not.

Bro good physique. R u natural or gear up.?