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My First Day Boxing

Hey everyone just wanted to intruduce myself here (now that I’m “a combat athlete”). Today was my first day in the boxing gym. It was a great experience. Hard as hell, but great.

Shadowboxing and learning the techniques for about 5 rounds total
Hit the mitts for 2 rounds (This is when I thought “DAMN!!! I’m out of shape!”)
Heavy bag for 2 rounds
Uppercut bag 2 rounds
Speed bag for 2 rounds (I knew it was going to be harder than it looks, but talk about akward)
Jump rope 3 rounds
Some calisthenics

I’ve lifted weights seriously for awhile but my conditioning just is completely abysmal.

Writing it out it seems easy, but this really kicked my ass. Better get conditioned!

Just me, but that sounds like overload for a first day. I had a hard enough time just learning to jab correctly.

Still don’t go anywhere near the speed bag. That thing makes me look like I’m retarded.

Haha. Conditioning is key in this game…

Congrats dude. Keep it up.