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My First Cycle

I’m looking for experience here to tell me what to expect from my first cycle. I’m 45 and been training for eight years. My doc has me injecting 100mg of test/100mg nandralone weekly. I’m in my third week and I have seven to go. My strength has gone up and I recover quicker it seems. What’s up for the next seven weeks? Thanks for the imput.

Well, I dunno… I’d say a few malpractice suits and some really weak results. What business does your doc have injecting you with any type of nandrolone ester? There is no hormonal replacement purpose for this steroid… and at this dosage… all you’re going to get is a nice case of hypogonadism. Enjoy!.. and tell your doc to come on this site so we can hear his views on the topic.

i hate to be the party pooper here but that amount of gear isnt going to do much. the test your injecting is slightly above your endogenous production. most serious users dont start below 500mgs/wk on a test based cycle. just curious, why does he have you on nandrolone(i am assuming you mean nandrolone decanoate) a.k.a deca? is the test for hrt?

I believe Deca can be prescribed for joint problems. and at that dose it would help for that. Unless you have very low test levels to begin with, all you are getting is a palecbo effect. Do more research, get a new doc.