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My First Cycle

Im 28 and im trying my first cycle. I was wounded in AFG in 2012 and I was 198Lb the day I got wounded. years of working out to get back to my weight I still cant brake 150Lb. I have 300mg/ml deca durabolin and 250mg/ml test enanthate… so I believe that means 1cc = 300mg/ml or 250mg/ml ?? I was told as a beginner I should do 300mg of deca so that means one 1cc a week?? not sure if I need to take deca and test on the same day??

also don’t know how much test I need each week or if the deca dosage stays the same and the test dosage goes up or down during the cycle… if anyone could please break this down barney style and tell me week by week and how many shots of each a week I need I would be very thankful… Semper Fi

I’m going to assume you’re not a troll and take it easy, assuming you are telling the truth.


You should probably try a nice and simple cycle of Test at 500mg per week, number of shots depending on the ester (Prop, Cyp, E). Do more research, alot more research, and do not do use Deca for a first cycle.