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My First Cycle


I'm going to share with you today my plans on the first journey into the anabolic world at the tender age of 18, I'm running this as a bulking cycle with minimal estrogen complicated side effects due to my fear of premature growth plate closure.

My plans are as follows and I'm not posting this as a flamer post and I know for a fact I will get no encouragement or recommendation on any cycle >21 but I feel I should atleast be informative with my own journey and help other people of a similar age.

I plan to do this as sustainably and safely as possible and am well aware of the risks assumed with a cycle and the endocrinological issues that it could cause me, as well as numerous other short and long term side effects.

My cycle is as follows
Pre load: liv52 as well as red yeast rice and coq10 and run throughout for obvious protective purposes
On cycle:
Weeks 1-8
Anavar at 20mgs then bump 10 mgs until 50 is reached and sustain, interestingly enough I have pinnable anavar as well and haven't decided on oral or inject
Test E at 500 mgs/W throughout cycle
1-AD at 600mgs/ day throughout cycle, this is really just to add on a benefit of a non-methyl ( I may just save this to run standalone sometime)
HCG 500mgs twice a week with 3 hcgenerate tabs per day
Aromasin at 12.5mgs a day, this may change to letro throughout cycle depending on gyno flare ups throughout cycle

This in addition to all other normal supps such as protein, creatine, fish oil, ect...
I will also have acne treatment on hand as that a big worry for flare ups.

Post cycle therapy:
Nolva week 1- 40mgs/D weeks 2-4 20mgs/D
Clomid week 1- 100mgs/D weeks 2-4 50mgs/D
Natty test boosters- D-aspartic acid, Pes erase, Pes-anabeta, Bulgarian tribulus, Zma

I'm hoping to put on at least 10-15lbs of lean mass on this cycle and want to stay lean throughout btw my stats are as follows-
5'5 with an estimated full height of 5'7 (my growth plates aren't close to fusing)
I'm 155lbs and nowhere near natty limit for muscle I'm just a weight controlled athlete (wrestling)

I've lifted for 3 years my lifts are as follows
Dead lift-375*1

I'm 18 years old and a senior in high school
I've researched steroids and prohormones extensively and have chosen these steroids based on scientific usage and hundreds of hours of research on cycles and cycle safety in regard to the hpta, liver values, cholesterol levels and basically all negative side effects of AAS and PH usage, I'm a senior in high school and I want to become a competitive bodybuilder, I know how to eat to lean out as I've cut 20lbs> or wrestling and my diet on cycle will be on point consuming 250+grams of protein, tons on complex carbs, and healthy fats, I want to stay as clean on bulk as possible in order to retain gains.
I hope to consume atleast 5-7 thousand k cals a day.
I will also have full blood tests run at beginning and end of cycle in order to asses recovery and damage

So really now all I have to say is should I share this journey with this forum or should I just keep it to myself?


Keep it to yourself. Your not ready. Not only for your age but more than handful of reasons I won’t even state because obviously you dobt care and won’t listen. All you will do by making this is encourage other teenage lifters who could make amazing gains by just eating to make a uneducated and stupid decision based on your stupid decision.

Have a good day.


Kinda have to agree with reed