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My First Cycle


I am planing on running my first cycle this summer starting at about a June 7th and run a 12 week cycle.
stats: I'm 5'11 at 190 pounds and been lifting for about 3 years

my cycle.
Weeks 1-12 test e at 500mg
Tren Ace .75mg eod (I have heard different opinions when to start the tren advice here is appreciated)

For my diet I plan on lots of protein from chicken,turkey,90beef and fish. also lots of greens like asparagus peas and broccoli.

E Blocker
lixuidex .5mg eod

I need some help here I'm not sure what to choose I hear lots of debates between novla and clomid I would like to hear some opinions from the vets.

Again thanks in advance.


cycle looks fine depending on how old you are. EOD pinning for a first cycle may get old though. I would start the tren in week 7 and pin 75mg ED until the cycle is finished.

your liquidex may (MAY) be underdosed, so you should be ready for that.

I have used both clomid and nolva at the same time and separately. Clomid made me very emotionally unstable (depressed, not angry), and nolva had a similar effect but not to the same degree.

I definitely prefer nolva for it's anti-gyno properties.


alright i think i will get some novla. also could i bump the tren dose up or should i just run the .75mg i have 3 bottles of tren ace at 100mg/1cc.


you could bump up the dose yes


one more question the lixuidex i have says 30ml @ 5mg/ml it just seems really high dosed, dose this sound correct? or is it supposed to be .5mg/ml? I know i need to take .5mg and that would be 1/10th of a cc. sorry for the noobish question just want to make sure i do things right.


I would imagine it would be .5mg/ml


Alright I guess I will need to pick up 2 more bottles then. Thanks Mr.walkway for all the helpful advice


I would suggest contacting the place you got it from. I've seen it dosed from 1-4mg/cc. This would be the first I've heard of either .5 or 5. I would hate to see you dose it wrong.


Just talked to the guy I got it from it is dosed @ 5mg/ml, guess i will try it at 1/10th of a ML. this may be stupid but do i just swallow it or let it sit under my tongue, or dose it even matter? sorry for the noobish aas questions i have been trying to do most of the research before asking.


also the guy who i get it from says you can reuse syringes as long as you don't aspirate and keep then clean(put back in package right after use, i was thinking this is really stupid so is it ok or not?i mean i can get syringes cheap so i'm probley not going to reuse anyways.(not reusing needles just the syringe)



Don't do this. Always aspirate. Always use a new syringe. They are cheap and your health is worth more than the cost of a syringe.

If it is 5ml/cc then 1/10cc EOD. Depending on how it tastes (Likely terrible) I'd take it with juice or something to mask it. Although taking it in any fashion will do the trick. Make sure to shake the bottle before dosing. It's probably a suspension and you want to make sure it's mixed every time you dose.


jesus christ

don't reuse this needle

the guy you get your gear off does not have your best interest at heart


alright I will be sure to buy more syringes. it looks like i may have to wait till the 14th to start. also did blood work yesterday and i will not be in for 5-7 days (just wanted a base line before anything so i can return to it in the future)


good move




Ok today did my first(well second a friend showed me how to inject a couple weeks before.) jab (right delt) of the cycle went smooth. It did bleed a good bit before I put pressure on it but feels fine. I also i had to cough a few times after i injected don't know if that is related though.


When do I need to start the e blocker I was told to wait till about the 3rd week but, also herd as soon as first inj.


as soon as you begin your test


so today when I went to the gym I did not feel like I did when I did my first inj. two weeks(this is when my freind showed me how to inj. used 1ml test e 250mg) ago, was it just placebo or should I feel like I have a slight bit more endurance. I'm just worry when I let my arm bleed for a few sec I lost all the test.