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My First Cycle

(sorry for the millionth post)

Hi, I’m new here but I’ve read a lot and learned a lot from this forum. I’ve based my first cycle on information from reading on this forum and from laymans guide to steroids but I still wanna make sure that I’m not doing something stupid since this is my first time and your help would be greatly appreciated.

My diet is solid so that wont be a problem
The book burn the fat feed the muscle from Tom Venuto helped alot ! if you havent read it I’d recommend it to anyone.

I’m 22 years old
I’m 174 CM (5’7)
I weigh 74 KG (163 lbs)

Week 1-10 test, 250mg E3D

And then I’ll be on Dbol either to kick start the cycle or to use mid cycle, I havent decided

Week 1-4 Dbol, 10mg 3x a day
Or Week 4-8 Dbol, 10mg 3x a day

Week 1-11 adex 0.25mg EOD

Week 11-12 adex 0.125 EOD

Week 13 nolva 20mg 2x a day

Week 14-16 nolva 20mg ED

And then for the vitamins I’ll be taking the following

Vitamin C 2-3 grams a day
Vítamín B-complex

And when I’m on Dbol I’ll be using Milk thistle

Every advice you have will be, as said before, greatly apriciated!

Your diet is solid at 163 pounds?

I started out at 135 pounds at 10% BF and I’m 163 now at 10% BF

Why do you need the gear then, you’ve gained nearly 30 pounds without putting on fat I’d say that’s a hell of a gain. It seems to me some people are quick to hop on the needle when they don’t really need it, your making good gains without it see where that goes, but I can’t make your decision for you.

Other than that I’d say your cycle looks good. That’s what my first cycle looked liked. I’d recommend running the dbol for a kick start if you do run the dbol at the end run it the last two weeks of your cycle and the two weeks going into your pct

Yeah I’ve gained alot but I havent seen any real progress for about 6-8 months, and I admit it that it was the frustration of that that lead me to think about “hopping on the needle”

But I’m not doing it in a rush like so many else, I have put a lot of thought in to it and I’m trying to do it as safe and as responsible as I can :slight_smile: so any advice on this would be great!

and what do you think about adex, a friend of mine suggested that it wasnt worth the money… I dont live in the USA so the prices are a bit different here but what do you think about it ? is it worth the extra buck ?

Well that’s good to see that your trying to be safe. Do as much research as you can before starting a cycle. If you haven’t seen any progress maybe it’s your routine or diet is to blame try looking into that and as far as the adex it is absolutely worth running, I wouldn’t run without it, don’t cut corners on this type of thing