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My First Cycle

Hello T-Nation:

I was hoping you guys would review my first cycle. I’ve been an active member of these boards for quite some time, but I am an MMA fighter and would like my use of gear kept on the low, so I created a new account so my gear use wont be linked back to me as a fighter.

Anywho, I’ve been lifting and training in MMA for 6 years now. I’m 25 yrs old and have successfully put on 60 lbs since I first started training. I am now stuck at my current weight at 190 and would like to put on some lean mass and maintain at my ideal weight at 205lbs shredded.

Age: 25
Weight: 190lbs
BF%: around 12% I don’t believe calipers, but I have very visible abs, but carry alot of fat in my arms and shoulders.
Weight: 205lbs
BF%: = or <10%

Currently my diet consists mostly of chicken and steak, with my carbs coming from oatmeal and whole wheat breads, fats coming from EVOO, fish oil, and nuts. I consume majority of my 300 grams of protein near lunch. I don’t count carbs or calories, but I eat 6 meals a day and make sure I’m getting adequate protein.

Here’s the cycle I intend on going on, please let me know what you think.

12 Week Cycle:
WK:1-4 DBol 10mg 3x/day
WK: 1-10 Test E 250mg Every 3 days
WK: 3-10 HcG 250iu 3x/week
WK; 1-12 Aromadex 0.25mg EOD (reduced to 0.125mg in last 2 weeks)

WK:14-16 Nolva 20mg Everyday ( I may not be able to get Nolva, so if I can’t I’ll use the taper method without a SERM)


I threw the dbol into my first cycle, because this (as I promised my girl) will be my 1 and only cycle, so I would like to make the most of it without going to crazy. I figured the dbol would be a cool kick without going apeshit on the gear.

I also have a question regarding the Aromadex. My supplier says he has 25mg tablets. how would I go about taking .25mg?? Or would I need to find a different supplier with a lower dosage?

Almost exactly my first cycle. Had great results! Some will say to run the test without the dbol�just to know how you will react to sides. I chose not to and the cycle went well! As for you taking ¼ of a pill. Go to your local CVS/Walgreens and get a pill cutter.

Thanks, and I will definitely check out the pill cutter online. I just don’t understand even with that how I’m supposed to take it.

if I have a 25mg pill and I need to take .25 mg, that 1/100th of a pill. Or am I confused as to how these pills work?? Never taken adex before, sorry if I sound a bit naive.

Or perhaps it was a typo and his amiridex is actually .25mg tabs???

Or maybe I’m wasting my time with pills and NEED to find someone that sells the liquid version??

Help from some of the experienced Amiridex users would be greatly appreciated.

Never heard of .25mg tabs or 25mg tabs. If it is AROMASIN then it might come in 25mg pills.