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My First Cycle


Thinking of running Test e for 8 weeks.
week 1-8 test e 250%
Week 9-11 Nolva

I've read alot on various forums, im just on ambien right now and forgot to write this earlier.

My main question is, since this my first cycle ever, is 250mg a good start for someone who has only had experience with SD clones?

Should I run Nolva throughout cycle or since so low dosage just use it for after the cycle?


Dear sweet, sweet, baby Jesus.


X2 - well put...


How old are you?

8 week test e cycle is pointless

week 1-12 test 500mg per week (mon and thu)

PCT is 2 weeks after last inject


How is an 8 week Test E cycle pointless? 8 weeks is plenty of time for a cycle, especially if it is frontloaded.

Many of the more experienced users on this forum recommend the shorter cycles. They are easier to recover from and give great gains.



Ballz. 750mg-1g for 8 weeks is pointless?

10 wks tops IMO

Mkay, which protocol?


It won't kick in after 4-5 weeks. I'd rather run test p if I am running short cycles. Test e/cyp is best ran 10-12 weeks or more. Basically run test e for 8 weeks and only 3-4 of those weeks are at your peak. Why not go for 12 weeks that way you train more while on test. 8 weeks will get him some gains but he could maximize his gains by going for 12 weeks. If I were him I'd run Test p, inject eod if he wants a short cycle ... just man up.


It's his first damn cycle and you want him to run 1g wow

10 weeks tops? We talking about test e/cyp, not test p

PCT: prop is 3 days after inject, test e/cyp is 2 weeks after inject. Or you taper down with test.


A great man (World wherever you are) gave me that choice except he only stated 800mg for 8 weeks. I never adviced for the keyboarding skills challenged friend to run 1g. This is the realm where an uneducated user feels the burn of their ignorance. Coupled with AI admin from the beginning of the cycle and overkilled with a SERM on hand one can easily tolerate 750mg of test e for 8 weeks IME. I for one did not run an AI for 5 weeks until unwanted side-effects began to manifest in which I dealt with them with 60mg of tamoxifen coupled with immediate AI admin. I think I am not alone in the preference for shorter cycles.



I have to agree on 8 weeks front loaded. Test e kicks in pretty quick with the proper front load.


See! Hi-five DH!


Who the fuck are you coming in here with that attitude?

Let me give you a few pointers:

1 - be respectful of the posters who have been here some time - more often than not, they have stood the test of time this site demands, and it often means they have valuable knowledge.

2 - Dont be a know it all - there is always someone who knows more, in your case there are quite a number.. but often AAS use

3 - Try to read between the lines - sometimes 1g doesnt mean it is a recommendation to run 1g, it is a point.

Look.. you are right that peak levels wont be achieved until 4 weeks with Enanthate (in testing there was no difference in the release pharmacokinetics between cyp or enanthate). But the levels will be within a few milligrams of the peak dose by the third week.. and any gains before that (say on dbol or prop - a short acting drug) may be a small amount of tissue - but will mostly be water.

This leaves 5 weeks of peak dose (in a non-frontloaded 8 week cycle, for arguments sake. I personally frontload everything) for the 'real' gains to be made. This is plenty and with some more experience you will find that gains will not be furthered in the last two weeks of a 12 week cycle, they stagnate around 8-10 for the vast majority.

12 weeks then ends up being more suppressive than is worth it for the gains.

As mentioned i (and many here) frontload all my cycles, whether that is prop or Undeclynate - yes Prop takes ~2.5 weeks to build peak levels too.
So because i have the benefit of peak levels from the first injection of the cycle - a 12 week cycle is not necessary to gain - with 4 weeks being possible, 6-8 weeks are my favourite, or 3x4wk different compound cycles, back to back for example.

Turbo wasnt suggesting a 750-1g cycle, but you knew that as you were just being a dick and trying to make a (weak) point by quoting the higher of the two numbers - 1g. 750mg wouldnt have sounded as extreme would it?!
He was pointing out that your claim that an 8 week cycle being useless, is the opinion of a moron. And i agree.

This site employs a responsibility to the advice given - so while many 'vets' may stay on year around, blasting and cruising or whatnot, they will for the majority recommend shorter, higher dose cycles as standard - as they are JUST as effective (if not more so in some cases) as the same amount of gear spread out over 12-16 weeks.. but are much easier to recover from.

Your new - and so can be forgiven, what is likely to not be forgiven is your attitude - you clearly have not read this site long enough to see how we do things here. I suggest you start doing so if you want to post with any kind of respect given.
I personally am here to learn and share what i learn..