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My First Cycle Test

I have been trainnig natural for 7 years and I’m planning on stepping up my game.
Is it ok to start taking Sostenon 250 (250mg) a week with out pre or post cycles?
Just planing on getting 5kg of lean mass for now.

I think you’re gonna want a pct, man. Test is test, and it stops our bodies from creating natural test. Clomid is what my first pct was and it worked fine. My 1st was test cyp 200, 2x per wk, 8 wks. Clomid, I started 21 days after last pin and took 50/50/25/25. That’s 50mg ed for 2 wk. Then 25 MG ed for 2 wk… but I’m new to this too bro. Good luck!


Afther you cycle of 400mg per wk.
how where your gains?
No need to take anything for gyno?

I had anastrozal but I think I only took it 2 times and I only took it as needed, .25mg was plenty. I gained maybe 15lbs. Dunno how much was lean muscle…
Now this cycle is different I’m on now! Tren e 600/wk test e 600/wk… this is have to take anastrozal .25 eod at least… pct is always a must bro

So pct you start taking it 21 one days after the last pin and that it for your post cycle?
And anastrozal just if you start feeling puffy nips?

Yep. Not puffy, I felt my nips sore. Almost like a sunburned nip, but I’ve heard “puffy” also… depending on what Ester of aas you run depends on half life of the aas. Test e takes around 21 days to leave the body completely. Most do, except test prop, I know it’s much quicker. You just wanna start your pct when the system is back to natural. Essentially, it’s Kickstart ingredients your nuts I to making their own test again. While on cycle, your body is flushed with so much test that it quits making it. Hope this helps. Like I said, I’m new too, and I just read read read…

So I have a question as to what you think I’m planning out my first cycle and was looking for feed back.

250mg of TESTOSTERONE sustanon, cypionate, enanthate 2 times a week

200mg of EQ 2 times a week

1 arimedex or letrozole every 3rd day


NAC: 1000mg 3x per day

Milk Thistle: 425mg 3 times a day

Ashwagandha Extract: Look for something with the KSM-66 extract

Vitamin D: 2000IU 2x per day (I would use this all year)

Vitamin C: 1000mg 1-2x per day (all year)

Vatamin Co-Q10 100mg 2 x a day

Chitosan 1000mg 4 x a day

Alpha lipoic acid 300mg a day

Omega-3: 1000mg 3 times a day

Fiber supplement: twice a day ( Metamucil or fiberlyze )

Well all your health supp look good, forget the letro way too taxing. Also I wouldn’t take adex with out bloods confirming that you need it, and if I had the chance to redo it I would of used aromasin from the start.

My first cycle I went from 182 to 215 at the end and around the same body fat. Good times. I’m sitting at 205 now but I haven’t been able to train because of a strained supraspinatus or rotator cuff. My IG shows the size

Don’t use letro man… and I hope you don’t mean 1mg adex e3d… you shouldn’t need much adex, if any for this cycle. And I would only run test for the first cycle…

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I second what the bum said

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My next question is I’m having a hard time getting all my gear I went to this guy but seems super sechaty about buying from him do you have any reccomendations on where to buy?

Just curious why not use letro

Can’t offer any info on sources man… Google AAS source reviews. Maybe that will help narrow some down… letro is one of the harshest AI drugs I’ve heard of. It’s specifically used to combat gyno… I haven’t heard of anyone trying to use it to simply regulate estrogen… I’ve also heard it will crash tour e2 in a matter of a few doses. Like wipe out your e2, and that’s not what you want… e2 is needed to train… I have letro only as a precaution in case of a Gyno situation develops and so far, 3 cycles in, and nothing of the sort…

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Like bum said, letro is very harsh, also if you do use it does crush libido and lipids

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Yea I definitly don’t want that what do you reccomend in place of that or
just cancel it complelty?

I’m a fan of having adex or aromasin on hand, also if possible getting bloods done to figure if a A.I is needed or not, and helps for dosing. Also I would have tamoxifen on hand.

For example I have this is stuff I keep on hand
1 bottle caber
2 boxes asin
3boxes nolva ran out got more coming
2 boxes adex
and a strip of letro on hand

Thank you for the advice like you said I’ll keep it on stand bye just in case of gyno

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Thanks alot. Unfortunately I still have no luck acquiring the things I need
my source was taken away so I may have to put my program on hold kinda
putting a damper but where there is a will there is a way. I did check out
aas source review and good site thanks

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Def stay away from letro unless you absolutely need it. If your source was taken away, you could always order the peptide form from a reputable source. There are some good domestic peptide companies.