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My First Cycle. Test, Tren E

Doing my first cycle of test 400 and tren e.
12 weeks.

Test 400 - 300mg pw
Test e - 300 mg per week.
Clenbuteral - 2 weeks on/2 weeks off (100 mg daily)

Clomid handy in case needed.

Does the dose seem ok?

if this is your first cycle, don’t run tren. This cycle is much stronger than what anyone should run for their first cycle. I would suggest running test only, at 500-750 per week. The cycle as outlined is more comparable to over a gram of test. It’s just overkill in my opinion.
What do you have the clomid for? what does ‘in case needed’ mean? Do you have an AI on hand? What do you plan to do for your PCT?

I recommend NOT using Tren at this time. I would start lower on the test than prescribed above. If its easiy tolerated at 200-300 gradually increase it. Each increase wil be more effective than going to 750 all at once. The top guys in the AAS world are saying smart trainers dont need more than 600mg/wk of test. Thats the top bodybuilders (Chris Aceto level shit). Since you arent a top level competitor with 100lbs extra muscle, keep it low and go slow. I started my TRT at 85mg/wk and saw nothing but gains.

I meant I have AI handy. ‘In’ was a typo. Thanks it makes sense to just start with test for first cycle. I will start at lower dose. 3 pins a week@ 100mg max. I will gradually increase the dose

I believe you when you say not to start tren on first cycle. Other members have suggested the same. I will try to do 3 pins a week and at 100mg each of test and gradually increase the dose. Thanks for your call input

PCT as follows
Week 1
Clomiphene: 100mg/day
Tamoxifen: 40mg/day

Week 2
Clomiphene: 10mg/day
Tamoxifen: 40mg/day

Week 3
Clomiphene: 50mg/day
Tamoxifen: 20mg/day

Week 4
Clomiphene: 50mg/day
Tamoxifen: 20mg/day


Run one or the other. Do it for 6 weeks or longer.

Clomid is not an AI. Do you not know what an AI is? Clomid is a SERM, which is a completely different product.

Maybe more research needed. What is AI

Aromatase Inhibitor. They reduce estrogen in the body by limiting the conversion of testosterone to estrogen (which is how estrogen occurs in the body naturally). When you take synthetic testosterone higher than normal physiological levels, your body converts more of it to estrogen. You want to limit the conversion, so that your estrogen stays at normal levels while your T is high. Clomid doesn’t do this. Products like Arimidex and Aromasin do. I would recommend Arimidex.

I would also recommend you continue reading before you do anything. AI’s come up in pretty much ALL discussions about beginner cycles. The fact that you didn’t know what they were is really disconcerting. You need to learn more.

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@flipcollar why aromasin over Adex?

I don’t recommend aromasin. I use adex.

Just realize I wrote the wrong thing originally, I’ll edit my post. sorry!

Lol. Ok that makes more sense.