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My First Cycle: Test E/EQ

We understand this no one is debating this. But you can’t expect other people advice to chnage because you decided to make your own choice

Edit: here’s another thought. Why would be still want to take thier time to give you advice if you didn’t listen to thier advice the first time?

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Mate you’ve already been given advice on that cycle you put forth. There just isnt much else anyway can give you.
The point I’m getting at is that when you ignore your first round of advice you cant really expect people to be too inclined to give you more, am I right?

If you want advice then ask away, I’ll be more then happy to help, just dont ask the same question and expect a different answer.

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I’ll be clear
Do you have any advice on my cycle of 500mg test 500mg eq per week. Like things to watch out for or maybe advice on training on this cycle or maybe advice on diet on this cycle maybe things to expect on this cycle you know anything the pertains to my current situation. Also why do you advise not doing this cycle is there some sort of major downfall to it in you opinions is there something terrible thsts going to happen. All the reading and videos and friends at the gym say I’m just fine on this cycle I’m curious to hear your thoughts on it that all.

Train similar to as you would naturally, add more volume, train a bit heavier. Keep salt intake between 3-4 grams to limit water retention (you should already have the rest of your diet sorted if you’ve made the jump to AAS). Aim for a 5k-7k calorie surplus per week.

Its advised not to run multiple compounds so if something goes wrong you can pin point what it is. For example mood disturbances such as anxiety can be a side effect of high or low e2. Also a lot of people report anxiety while using eq. How are you ment to know what’s causing what if your running both?
Test alone is the best first cycle hands down, you’ll get great strength and size gains from it and has the least amount of potential sides. Also it’s a good idea to start with a least amount of gear to make gains, your running your first cycle and your already using a gram a week (they are light compounds though).

You just want to keep it as simple as possible and allow yourself plenty of time to feel your way through this journey, theres a hell of a lot to learn and throwing too many compounds at yourself will really make things hard.

Keep an eye on your e2 via blood work and obviously physical symptoms. EQ is tricky for a lot of guys. It’s actually easy to crash e2 while using it because some science stuff that is way more complicated than you need right now. So don’t go nutty with your AI unless you absolutely need it.

I appreciate the advice guys
Thank you.
So far I’m feeling great I have an AI on hand I havnt needed to us it yet though Im already really good with diet and I love lifting heavy I’ll post some before and after pics when I’m finished.

I finished the cycle ended up upping the dose to 600mg test 600 mg eq at 6 weeks in ran that till the end of week 16 and I had no major sides other then acne and sweating at night I gained 30 pounds so it went well also added winnie in the last 50 days

post before and after pics. I’m curious how those 30lbs look.

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I dont have before and after pictures but I can say I was leaner before iv definitely gained some fat so I’m sure the body fat percentage reading I got was off I’d say when I started that cycle I was at 14% body fat and now I’m sure I’m around 18 to 20% the eq made me eat like a beast.

You gained 6% BF on your first cycle, with 1.2 grams of test a week, and you upped your dosage after everyone told you a gram was too much? That’s ineffable.

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Ya I’m gonna have to agree with @flappinit. Gaining some fat on a bulk is to be expected but if your gaining more then a percent or two your diet is fucking garbage. You clearly aren’t eating clean and of you are you were eating wayyy too much.

Well played sir

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I eat 1 chicken breast and 1 cup of rice 3 times a day I eat 1 cup oatmeal with bananas for breakfast every morning every now and then I have a steak with rice I never eat out I never eat candy or really sugary stuff only sugar I eat is from fruit wich I dont eat much of I dont really eat veggies ever any advice on that diet what should I change?

I call BS… that’s like ~1600-1800 calories. I’d lose a shit ton of weight if I ate that. Not a chance in hell you gain 1% of BF with that diet.

Maybe you’re mistaken about how much fat you gained, there’s a lot of maybes here. Maybe you look awesome and you think you just look so-so. Totally possible. Can’t know without seeing you. But this:

Isn’t a good indication.

I use my fitness pall my calories came out to 3000 per day while bulking on that cycle

I ate other stuff too protein shakes fruit at times eggs here and there bacon here and there

I’m on my second cycle now
I’m running tren e 200mg per week test e 200mg per week I’m gonna go for 10 weeks
I have arimidex I’m taking 1mg a week
I have caber gonna take .25 a week from week 3 on


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And on that note I’m headed to bed.



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