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My First Cycle: Test E/EQ

This is my first cycle I’m 31 180lbs
Week 1-14 test e 250mg EQ 250mg
I’m 1 week in.
Is this a good beginner cycle iv done lots of research most people say you should run test e 500mg eq 500mg
the guy I get my gear from says I should only do 250mg of each per week to avoid sides and cause it’s my first cycle i know most people will say this is a low dose
my question is will I still see good gains
I plan on running the normal amount next cycle

The convention is for your first cycle you should stick to test only. Probably should have waited until a later cycle to add in EQ.

Train hard and eat to your goals and you should have success.

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250mgs of test isn’t much more than a trt dose (especially since it’s UGL). A standard 500mg of test cycle should be all you need but adding EQ’s up to you

I’ve never heard anyone say that 250 EQ was sufficient for anything beyond the possible appetite increase. Guys start their EQ doses at 500, and that’s when they’re being conservative or when they are running multiple compounds. You friend got the total mg/w right, he just didn’t get the compound distribution right. The best first cycle test/EQ run should be 500/0.

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Should I up the dose to 500mg of each per week iv noticed iv been tired alot lately not sure if its cause my natural test has stopped and I’m not taking enough to test e to compensate for it or if the eq is making me feel tired what you guys think

You should not be taking EQ on your first cycle. You’re saying that you’re feeling tired. So which compound is causing that?

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EQ takes a few weeks to kick in. There’s no way that you 're feeling any effects from the EQ at only one week in. So the low test dose is shutting you down and the EQ is doing nothing for you. Just up your test dose and drop the EQ now and save it for later.

Ok I’ll try that I’ll drop the eq and up the test to 500mg per week

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So if decided to go with 500mg test e along with 500mg eq I figured I have the eq why not use it so I went from week 1 250mg of each week 2 350 mg each and week 3 500mg each I’m on week 4 and feeling strong af the pumps I’m getting are insane so my question to you guys is what do you think of this cycle for a first run.

Doesn’t really matter now, your already balls deep into a cycle everyone here recommended you not to do.

Well I guess I better keep pumping till I blow my load then I’m not one to pull out once I’m balls deep.
If you have any advice beside the usual put downs people get from guys like you I’d love to hear but if you’d rather talk shit then let a RIP buddy.

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What advice exactly are you looking for? You asked advice on your proposed cycle, it was advised you not continue, you did anyway. What more do you want?

Just to add, I’m more then happy to help anyone that needs it. It’s the people that come on here asking for advice then completely disregard it, that tend to get my sarcastic side.

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I took the advice I was advised that 500mg eq 500mg test was a good way to go if also read that in many other forums I’m just looking for general advice on the cycle iv decided to stick with I dont need advice about taking advice.

Though you asked advice on this forum, disregarded it and now your asking for more advice, see where I’m going with this?
Why dont you ask advice from whoever recommended this cycle to begin with because it appears the advice given here means nothing to you.

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Read the comments I was given advice in this forum that the best first eq test cycle is 500mg of each per week.so what are you talking about.
Are you just strocking your ego right now or what if you dont wanna give me advice then dont but if you have any I’ll take it.

No you were not. The advice you were given was not to run eq for your first cycle

Edit : the problem is you only see what you want to see. People have a great way of once they make thier mind up they are able to ignore anything they don’t want to hear. So all you saw was 500mg eq is good. You didn’t see the “test/eq at 500/0” comment that means no EQ you didn’t see the “you should not be taking eq for your first cycle” comment either apparently

Here that’s both for reference


No you were told to only run one compound by multiple people, then you said this -

Then you post 11 days later saying you’ve done the eq anyway, so what exactly are you talking about?

How does this come across as me ‘stroking my ego’?

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I saw and read everything i took it into account and i made the personal decision to keep the eq and up the dose to 500 each which was indicated in the forum to be a good starting point. Yes i did see people say i should stick with just 500 test but i decided to go this route. So now that I’m here any advice on my current situation cause talking about the past dosnt change the future. I’m feeling great I’m having the best gym sessions iv ever had. I’m confident that this cycle will give me great gains.my appetite is insane I dont have any complaints just seeing if there is any advice on anything.

Anyways let’s move on.

What exactly do you expect to be the response to this?

The answers still haven’t changed. You shouldnt have run eq with the test for a first cycle.

Are you looking for validation? I’m not trying to be an asshole I just don’t understand what you expected to change. This is why a lot of people don’t even comment on threads like this because when advice is given its rarely followed.

Its like if I said im gonna run a test/tren cycle and everyone told me not to and I do anyways. So then I say hey iv been on cycle and Its great. “what do you guys think of this first run” as your exact word were.

Are people supposed to suddenly change how they feel and say oh great cycle bro sorry I told you not to run it I was wrong you were right everyone should run that cycle first

The answers are still the same bro you shouldn’t have done it.

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It comes across as strocking your ego because you could just give your opinion on the cycle but instead you’d rather focus on why I didnt do exactly what people said in the end it’s my decision what I do with my body I appreciate the advice 100% but at the end of the day I’m going to make my own decisions the advice helps me get another perspective