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My First Cycle: Test E and Dbol

Hi guys, I’m 32 years old ,174, 70kg and 14%bf
And I whould like to do a test e and dbol cycle
Week 1 -10 test e 450 mg wk
Week 1-4. 30 mg dbol ed
Week 1-10 aridmex 0.5 eod
My training is 4 days per week
Back /biceps

My meals are
Meal 1
200 g oats with milk and 2 bananas and 2 slice of bread toasted with peanut butter
Meal 2
200 g chicken breast with veg
50 g of nuts and a fruit
Meal 3
200 g of boneless chicken tigh with veg
Meal 4
A protein shake
Meal 5
A can of tuna with salad
Now my question is should I improve something in my cycle?workout?diet?
Should I do one jab of test e per week or two?
Should I ad hcg in my cycle?
Thanks in advance

Pin 2x per week ideally. Cut the arimdex in half and then I would stop it all together after the dbol is done IMO. No need for HCG. Nolva 40/40/20/20 for PCT>

Are you 5’8 155lbs? Is that about right?

Also what are the numbers on your lifts?

How many cal/day does your diet add up to?

Thanks for replying
Should I ad clomid for pct ?
Or nolva will be enough?

Nolva is enough. No need for to Serms IMO

I don’t know imperial measurements
And my calorie intake is 3000 to 3500 a day
bench press 55 kg 4 sets 8 rep
Death squats 75 kg 4 sets 8 rep

You need a lot more time under the iron before considering running a cycle brother. You might be faced with a sad reality come the end of your cycle.

Your 32 with these Numbers this leads me to believe you probably haven’t been dedicated to working out very long. If you have then we have a bigger issue that means your training is garbage and no cycle in the world will help. So il assume you’ve been in and out of the gym. Maybe just recently got serious.

Whats the goal here? Do you just plan on one cycle to add some size then that’s it? You do realize unless you stay dedicated whatever you gain from a cycle is gonna just disappear.

I’d also suggest eating more if your trying to bulk which I assume you are especially sense you have dbol in this cycle (which by the way I don’t reccomend running for a first cycle alongside test) either way I’d raise the cal/day up to 4000 and take a look at your training. I’m not sure what the answer is for you but I’m not sure AAS is it

We call those “freedom units”.


To zeek414
For the last six months I got serious, my diet was of.I whould like to do 1 time only cycle to gain some strength and size and after that to work my way up naturally

Your old enough to make your own decisions so I’m not gonna to harp on your ‘readiness’. I’m 5’7 and when I started lifting I was 135lbs. I worked up to 185lbs naturally. I’m now on TRT for hypogonadism but also blast once or twice a year… sitting at 200lbs on blast. Point being, I agree with others that you should be able to add at least 10-20lbs without the use of AAS. If you go this route just be prepared you may need TRT for life. Also be prepared to struggle during your PCT and you will lose a good portion of your growth from AAS.

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To blshaw
What do you want to say if I do a 10 week test e cycle at 450 mg per week it’s a high probability to do trt for live?
After 1 cycle?
Can you please explain
Thanks in advance

Make sure your diet is on point as well as your training. I don’t think it’s a good idea to screw with your hormones at 32 for one cycle when what your looking to gain from this cycle is something you could easily do naturally without the risk involved

Its a decent possibility… HPTA recovery is not guaranteed. Nothing more to explain.

Squeeze all you can out of your natural testosterone while you still can. At 32 it’s downhill, but maybe not nearly as sharp of a decline as it will be if you start messing around. Trt is a godsend for those of us who need it. For the guys who cause it themselves I imagine it’s less of a gift from heaven and more of a necessary pain in the ass (sometimes literally).

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