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My First Cycle - Test 500mg/10 Weeks. Need Advice


I know you guys probably get these rookie posts every single day. I’ve been researching and planning out a cycle for years now and I think I established a simple cycle with minimal consequences (well at least in my opinion) I would LOVE some feedback from some of you guys to get me on the right track! This is the cycle:

  • Weeks 1-10 Test E 500mg/week
    **Pinned twice a week once on Monday and once on Friday.

  • Weeks 2-10 Arimidex 0.25mg/E3D
    **If side effects increase/become more noticeable increase dosage to 0.5mg/E3D.

  • Weeks 10-12 OFF


  • Weeks 12-16 Nolvadex 40/40/20/20


  • Test E 5,000mg

  • Arimidex
    **Arimidex dosages depends

  • Nolvadex 840mg

My current stats are:
24 years old
210 pounds
BF % around 16-18

Will stick to a calorie deficit of 2,100 calories which will consist of C236g/P210g/F35g.



Sounds to me like you have everything down right. Just don’t get lazy lol all you have to be concerned about is making sure you buy some good gear. I’m about to start my first cycle as well. Good luck!


Is there a reason you wait a week after Test to start anastrozole? Is is necessary to stagger the timing with a longer ester? I would thing managing your E levels from the beginning would be more in keeping with the ‘preventative not reactionary’ philosophy of AI use on cycle. Also it does take a few days to get an even and active level of anastrozole in your system. Though I’m not sure if it makes a huge difference in a clinical setting, one way or the other.

And along the same lines, since asastrozole binds reversibly, you may want to carry it all the way through week 12 backed up to your PCT to avoid any E rebound during those two weeks of waiting while you still have long Ester test in your system.


so you’re saying from week 1 all the way through week 12 I should be using the AI? what about in regards to dosages when would be a suitable time to bump up the .mg thanks for the help!!


Bro I’m also about to start a 12 week test cycle…my first as well…how come no hcg??and do u intend on running ur ai through pct??


Yes I would recommend starting low dosage arimidex immediately upon commencing exogenous testosterone supplementation and carrying it all the way to PCT, possibly with a slight taper down over the last few days or week. With only 500 milligrams test weekly you may be alright with a quarter milligram every third day though some people with more active aromatase enzyme systems may need as much as a half milligram every other day or more. Best thing to do would be to get weekly lab tests and to titrate your dose according to your e level. Whatever you do start low and be very slow and deliberate with changes in dosage. Keep nolvadex on hand for temporary suppression of acute estrogen symptoms (gyno) while you find the dose of arimidex that works.


Hmm I didn’t know you needed an AI for just a test E cycle… would it be smart to just take an AI if you start noticing gyno issues?


Gyno is only a minor physical manifestation of high estrogen; the other systemic health effects being of much greater concern, personally. Since the purpose of an anti-aromatase is to stop the excess testosterone from converting to estrogen, it would seem even more important with an all-test cycle than a non-aromatizing like tren.


This may be a stupid question BigFattyDaddy, but how do you know your source is legitimate or how do you know that there isn’t 50mg of Test in your choice? Forgive me, I’m fairly new to all of this. Which brand are you using? Can I ask where you got it from or is that not allowed?

I want to see if I can find lab tests on the specific product you are using (which manufacturer and line of products name)



No, that’s not allowed. Discussing brands, distributors, sites, or other specific sources (either blatantly saying the name or using codewords/initials) is against forum policy.


Seems like a good first cycle I’d go with .25 EOD if you notice nips get sensi or you start crying at movies. If that doesnt work bump to .50 eod I would add in some HCG 2x per week unless you like raisens… This actually seems like the 1st beginner cycle thread not started by a mongoloid Good job hope you enjoy the gainz