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My First Cycle, Tell Your Thoughts

Hi,i am 27 years old 178 cm and 82,5 kg with 10% body fat.I have been training for 12 years .I plan to do a steroid cycle in the next few months after summer. My reasons for the cycle are 2.First muscle mass plus strength if i could keep 2,5-3,5 kg of lean body muscle after the cycle i will be really in my goal and the second reason is the muscle hardness and better overall physique of muscle .My body is look alike Cristiano Ronaldo:slight_smile: i am really happy with my physics but if i try to go under 10% bf and give my muscles more definision after a week i start losing muscle and still then i cant make my skin to look like the skin i have seen in people on roids. So the 2 reason i want to start my first cycle are to add quality muscle mass and to make my muscle have more aggressive look.I go to gym 6 times every week doing a 5 day split workout(chest/biceps abs ,upper lat workout/triceps abs , deltoids/trapezius/biceps abs , lower lats/triceps abs , full leg muscle workout /calves) i eat five meals every day (50/40/40/40/40 protein,50/40/25/25/10 carbs,20/20/10/10/10 fats)and one post workout protein shake.
My cycle now ,after a lot reaserch i did i will start my cycle only with one compound Testosterone Enanthate to see how my body will react to the steroid. My second decision is to make only one pin 250mg /week.
1-10 weeks. test e 250 mg /week
1-10 weeks. Arimidex. 0.25mg/Eod
Week 11-12:Take nothing
13 weeks. Nolvadex. 40mg/day
14 weeks. Nolvadex. 20mg/day
Are Arimidex dose and my PCT ok ?Sorry for my English.

Need to pin about every 3 days. Half life of Test is 7 days… I’d do about 500 mg/week

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You should focus on getting really damn strong and make sure your diet is there. Then 350 400mg test a week will do wonders

I have similar concerns regarding the PCT. I did my first 10 weeks of test 200mg (no side effects) and I’ll be doing my PCT cycle soon and I plan on doing the same Nolvadex (Nolvadex-D brand name - assuming it’s the same) on the same schedule. Does anyone have any thoughts on the safety of Nolvadex? I’ve heard it can be hard on the liver. Should I (we) be taking anything with the Nolvadex? Or is taking it on it’s own ok?

Could you please tell me your results?and also your height weight and gym experience you have?

Sorry. Sure. 50 yo, 6’1", 220. Been lifting a good 15 years or so with varying degrees of intensity. First cycle. Muscle mass gains are hard to calculate because I lost around 15 pound right before I started the cycle and probably continued to lose some more fat. I’m on my 10th week now and I’ve seen significant gains in my numbers at the gym. I can get 4 reps of 225 now and could maybe get one before the cycle. My body looks noticeably more muscular and vascular. Feel great. No side effects that I’ve seen.

IF all your stats posted are true and correct, then you are in perfect position to start a cycle! Congrats! You have accomplished a proper natural base and should enjoy an awesome and very rewarding cycle if you do things properly! You are literally in the ideal position to begin.

I would recommend one of the following 3 cycles. If you want to a very basic single compound cycle, do the first one. If you want a lean bulk cycle, do the second one. IF you want a SUPER lean bulk or recomp or cut cycle, use the 3rd one (could be used to lean bulk, recomp, or cut).

I am not offering PCT advice, as I am on test for life and do not do pct’s, so ask someone else for this! PCT is definitely necessary for you though!

Beginner option 1

Weeks 1-10 Test E 500mg/week
Weeks 1-10 10mgnolva/day

Beginner option 2

Weeks 1-12/14 Test E 400mg/week
weeks 1-12/14 EQ 600mg/week
Weeks 1-12/14 nolva 10mg/day

Beginner option 3

weeks 1-8/10 Test prop 350mg/week
weeks 1-8/10 Masteron prop 350mg to 437.5mg/week
You SHOULD not need an AI at all with this cycle, as masteron’s slight anti E benefits should suffice, but I would have nolva on hand and do 10mg/day protocol if necessary or if nervous!

I recommend 10mg of nolva per day over arimidex FOR SURE! You can use nolva during cycle as anti E and still use it for pct also… IF you insist on arimidex I would halve the dosage to start, its very powerful and can hurt gains if too much is used for your body! IF using arimidex I recommend getting bloods done a couple times to make sure your estrogen levels are at an optimal range, basically way simpler and better to just use nolva in my opinion!

Since you sound like you’d like to be leaner and harder with maybe a bit more mass, I would try a very lean bulk (only a few hundred cals over maintenance) with the third cycle option!

I hope these options help you! Your purposed cycle of 250mg test will benefit you, but you are literally in the perfect position to start a cycle, and after being so patient I think you have earned the right to do a proper beginners cycle! IF you insist on 250mg test a week DEFINITELY go with 10mg nolva, or lower arimidex, or no AI really its such a low dose, I am gyno sensitive and id be fine without AI on 250 test.