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My First Cycle, Tapering and Clomid

Hi guys,
I have a push pull meet on December (not tested fed) and I’d like to gain some mass and 20kg on my deadlift.
I bought 2x 10ml vial of test cyp 200mg/ml
And I’d like to start my first 10weeks cycle then taper with some clomid.
It would look like this:
1-10 week 200mg injection test cyp on Monday and Thursday
11 week 200mg test once a week
12 week 100mg test
13week 100mg test + 100mg clomid ED
14week 50mg test +100mg clomid
15week 25mg test +50mg clomid
16-18week 50mg clomid
19-20 week 25mg clomid

How does that look?
I’ll eat clean 3500-4000kcal a day (low fat dairy, rice, chicken, fish, nuts, olive oil, peanut butter etc)
Train 5 times a week focus on powerlifts and assistance for the big 3 with high volume (floor presses, pushdown, Arnold presses etc for bench, rdl bb rows deficit deads block pulls etc for deads, and so on)
Squat twice
Bench twice
Deadlift once

Why would you use Clomid during your cycle? 200mg of test once a week is not much. Maybe try a shorter cycle like 8 weeks and double your dosage and pin 2x a week instead of once. Maybe a someone more experienced than myself could help you out more than me

200mg of test on Monday and Thursday so that would be 400mg a week.