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My First Cycle Story. Need Advice Before Going into Navy

First off I know I’m going to get a lot of shit for this post, and I do not plan on using any PEDs in the military, but I do need advice going forward. I’ve got myself in a sticky situation here. I just turned 25 years old, 190 Ibs, work out at least 5 times a week, eat a very well balanced diet, lifelong athlete in water polo, swimming, and surfing. Hear me out and please offer any advice.

I started my first 14 week cycle last year. Looked like this:

Tbol 40mg/Ed (1-4)
Test E 500mg/wk (1-14)
Deca 250mg/wk (1-10)
winny 50mg/ED (10-11)
Var 80mg/Ed (12-14)
anastrozole/ED (1-14)

Everything aside from the winny and var came from a pre-designed stack intended for building mass. For my first cycle I was definitely curious what gear could really do as far as mass, but I really wish I did more research on deca before using this stack.

I definitely noticed the tbol working but it wasn’t until around week 4 where everything really started to work. Suddenly, I could work a labor-intensive job, go to the gym after work, and then wake up before work to go surf without any need for recovery. I was obsessed with what gear was allowing me to do, and obsessed with the way I started to look. I spent any free time I had searching the internet and reading articles about different compounds, stacks, diet, peptides, pct protocol, you name it.

Now before I go on I will note that looking back on this cycle it was extremely stupid of me to run a cycle with three different orals, deca, and an ai throughout the whole cycle. You live and you learn…won’t happen again.

Now back then I was training to become a firefighter where they don’t test in the academy and rarely if ever test when applying to a station. The military had always been in my mind but I was never ready to fully commit. I finally understood what Jon Doe meant in his book Straight from the Underground that there is no such thing as one cycle. When you do that first pin you are making a life choice. So after reading and watching articles and videos of literally weeks worth of info on whether to blast and cruise or run pct I chose to cruise after my cycle. I initially wanted to run test cyp at 200mg/wk for 8 weeks, get bloodwork to make sure everything checked out from my first cycle, and then go back on. I learned from this cruise that being on this much test was more than enough, and running anything higher was pointless. Especially because I’m not trying to be a bodybuilder and like where I’m at now in my fitness. Money got tight because I had to take an EMT crash course and already bought most of the gear for after the cruise. I didn’t want to go into the next cycle from cruising until I did my bloodwork and got a new doctor I could trust and be honest with, so the 8 week cruise became a 12 week cruise as I just finished the EMT one month crash course. During this time I came to the realization I NEED to enlist and this wasn’t the gear talking. It’s something I’ve considered since I was 16, and for my own reasons I’ve decided to test and enlist once I reach my goals for MEPs. And this is where I need help…

I have no doubt in my mind I can reach these goals as a natty. But given the fact I’ve using exogenous testosterone for 26 weeks, and want to go through my tests at MEPs no later than the end of August, I don’t believe right now is the time to come off. I have no doubt I can achieve my goals by this time if not earlier. Then request a ship date in late December or early January so I can hopefully run a good PCT and start building back my natural test levels by the time I leave for bootcamp. This is the advice I have gotten from three different friends in the military who all use gear, but none of which used before going in. I know thats a short time off for how long I’ve been on/will be on but I’m hoping the fact I am still young and that my balls have barely if at all shrunk will provide me with a quick and speedy recovery. I was scared when I found out they did blood work at MEPs, but apparently they are only testing for HIV and other diseases of that sort.

So here is where I need advice. Stay at a trt dose until I hit my goals?
Or run this cycle till MEPs?:

*Remember it’s when I hit my goals that I’ll be testing. So at my current progress at 200mg test cyp a week I’m predicting the end of July or the beginning of August. But to for the sake of clarity lets say the cycle is 12-16 weeks.

Test e 150mg/wk (1-16)
EQ 300mg/wk (1-16)
Mk 677 20mg/ED (1-through pct)

I like the idea of this cycle because it uses a trt dose of test, and eq used in longer durations is good for stamina and slow and steady strength increases that one is likely to retain post cycle. I want to add Mk for similar reasons…that being hyperplasia and then injury prevention. It’s also the perfect addition other than Lr3 to add to a pct so stay anabolic without using exogenous test. One thing I cannot decide is whether or not to add hcg at 250mcg twice a week on cycle now, or run a blast of hcg after in PCT.

I got blood work done this morning, and my new doctor is an endocrinologist/anti aging doctor whom knows all about my past to the fullest extent of the truth, and he went over my results with me on the phone and said everything looks normal. I’m meeting with him thursday to go over my future plans, and he understands I cannot go off right now before I reach my goals because It would be next to impossible to hit that while my body is recovering its own natural test. What he doesn’t understand is broscience with the ideas of blasting and cruising, and proper PCT.

I know the judgment is going to come with gear and the military, but honestly I will be natural from the beginning of bootcamp till the end of my service. Before gear I was still a D1 collegiate athlete, but I definitely put myself in a sticky situation here. Hope people are willing to help me out and not judge. Appreciate it! Below are my goals for MEPS and workout routine helped prescribed by my buddy in the Navy.


500 yard swim: 7:15 or faster
Push ups (2 minutes): 80
Sit ups (2 minutes) 80
pull ups: 18
1.5 mile run in pants and boots: 10 minutes or less


200-300 push ups 5x/wk
-use interval sets, pyramids, max, etc.

200-300 sit ups 5x/wk
-intervals, prymaids, max sets

50-100 pull ups 5x/wk

Run during lunch break at work (1 mile each direction) there and back
Run local trails when not at work
Soft sand runs when not at work

Swim with old high school team on days off from work.
-coach has my goals and is writing up sets for me to improve the combat side stroke.

Shock body with a variety of other workouts, but keep main focus on what I will be tested on.

Stretch everyday

Potentially add yoga

I hope you can guys can offer good advice. And sorry for the lengthy post. Just wanted there to be as much detail and transparency as possible to help understand where I’m at. Lastly, pct and recovery starting right now are not an option. I’m getting older by the day and want to be at bootcamp no later than January. I can post my blood test results once I get them from my doctor on thursday.

Brother, that’s a lot of info to unpack and my response is going to be fairly simple and straight forward.
I don’t think you’re considering the failure you’re setting yourself up for here. Your idea seems to be that you want to continue to run gear so that you can pass some tests at MEPS. Have you considered what you’re going to feel like later in basic training (or boot camp) when your bodys no longer enjoying the benefits of all that extra goodness you’re feeding it? Since there’s no way you’re getting gear in basic what point does it make to use gear to pass an initial test only to potentially fail a similar test later on in basic? If you can’t pass the simple physical tests they give you at MEPS then basic is going to kill you.

The best thing you can do is to do a proper PCT, and train naturally to pass your test at MEPS. Complete basic and advanced schools and wait to get back on gear once you hit your first duty station.

I am not going to comment on all the extra stuff, just the MEPS. Now it could be different now and it could be different because you are going Navy but when I went through MEPS there were only tests for certain situations. I had to take a test because I didn’t pass the weight requirement. I was always in the gym and I have always been a pretty dense fucker. I remember the lady that had to give me the test was making jokes about me with numbers like 10/32 as in I could only do ten push ups and 32 seconds of the cardio test. She was getting the other workers to make bets on what I could do but in the form of numbers. I didn’t know exactly what they were saying but I got the gist. I forget the exact number of push ups I had to do but it wasn’t shit, like 17 or 19 in a minute. Then I had to do this step up step down stair exercise for two minutes. That was it. The lady kept asking me if I played sports after I was done. I did something like 40 something push ups and afterwards I was asking her why she didn’t stop me at the required amount. The point of all of this is unless you have body weight issues you do not have any physical tests at MEPS. Stop preparing and worrying about stuff the drill instructors will do all of that for you. Really if you want to prepare just run, push up and sit up, that’s what they will test at the END of basic training. By the time you get to your test you will be flying through the requirements and trying to Max your score just for shits and giggles. I remember my final PFT in basic, I got some ridiculously fat assed asshole grading my push-ups and he wouldn’t let me go fast, said he couldn’t see me lock out my elbows so they didn’t count. I still made around 90 points on my push ups. The guy literally had to be around 300 lbs I have no idea why they didn’t kick him out, he was fat and miserable so he took it out on my push up score. Fucking fat ass!