My First Cycle, Should I Do It?

A little background about myself.So i have been training for 4 years now 19 years old soon to be 20.İ have never done any anabolics or anything illegal.All these years i really dedicated myself to the gym lifting with my passion. İ am 6’ 2 weighin in at around 205-220 around 8 to 10 bodyfat.My best lifts are 635 squat 425 bench 725 deadlift all Raw and Natural.İ am going to be 20 in july 25th and i am thinking about doing my first cycle.İ know it’s probably an early decision already but its been realy frustrating not seeing any changes in my body and strenght is making me really sick and tired.So i just want to start an basic test enat 500 mg / week and dianabol cycle Whats your guys opinion about it i think i am at my natural limit.

Well…since your asking, I am assuming you want some opinions - so here’s mine:

Don’t f%$#ing do it yet. It seems like you’ve made an incredible achievement already - 6ft2", 205lbs, 8% body fat, and them lifts read pretty good. I don;t believe even for ONE SECOND that you’re anywhere near your natural limit at 19…come on man, be serious.

My advice would be to wait at least another 5 years man. I didn’t even CONSIDER my first cycle until my late 30’s. This way I knew for certain that through hard training and dedication I was at my natural limit. I would push your natural limits more man.

What sups are you taking, hows your food intake, your sleep, etc… Have you mastered all the things that will help you reach your full training potential? You’re young enough to get away with more natural training, trust me man, I’m old…that much I can offer you from an expert point of view lol.

Dont fuck with your endocrine system yet, you have a hell of a start. Most guys need gear to get where you are

@underwood77 thanks for the advice man i guess your right im not at my genetic limit yet but its sure really hard to progress at this point and that’s making me mad.i think i mastered how my body works by now buuut i guess i have to wait a little longer thanks again @strongmanjoe thank you very much man appreciated

if you have to ask some anonymous strangers on the internet if you should cycle, then you’re not ready.

i’m pretty sure this is a troll, as i really doubt you’re deadlifting over 3 times your bodyweight clean…

@cycobushmaster well check it out then

are you saying that you’ve got 700 lbs on that bar with all those 35 lbs plates?

@cycobushmaster hahaha come on man stop hating Cenk Koçak on Instagram: "320 @ 90 Yılan form" check this out then why whould i lie

dude, tell me that’s not bumper plates?

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Looks like a bunch of either 10 or 15lb bumper plates to me. I have a couple of those.

I’m not saying the dude is lying. The bar does bend pretty good, and he’s got decent upper body development. Still shouldn’t cycle at your age though. Gains come a lot slower once you get past your newbie gains, but they will continue on for years before you really need gear to make progress. Most people never reach their natty limit, simply because they don’t stay at it for long enough, aren’t smart enough, or don’t work hard enough.

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@cycobushmaster @Juggs yeah bros ok i admit you got me i only deadlift 135 and thats not ivanko’s 45 lbs plates yeah good catch :clap:

sure, you’re saying that at 19 years old with 4 years of NATURAL training you’re pulling record-tying weights for your weight class?

if i believed that at all (which i don’t), then i’d suggest you get your ass on a cycle immediately as you’d be pulling 1,000 in 2 years…

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We appreciate your honesty hahaha

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So I did a little image enhancement and forensic analysis on this and I’m calling bullshit. I used to do this shit for a living.

Fix your lumbar, stop lying, and don’t use steroids. That’s my advice.

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holy shit you realy an hater :DD i guess you must really suck at what you do for a living cause these plates are a solid 45 pounds check my other vids too chieff and give me some respect dont be an asshole calling me a liar

Ok tough guy, if you want respect, chief, then don’t come on here acting like a whiny bitch when someone has questions about your sketchy looking videos that look like a bunch of 35s in one and a bunch of bumper plates in the other.

I will concede, that out of all your dumb videos I was able to find ONE which actually showed the damn denomination of the 45s clearly. All the others had it conveniently just barely out of the shot or too dark to make out easily, even with enhancement. Anyway, I found one which confirms my suspicions, that those plates in your gym are the rubber-encased Ivankos, not the rubber Ivanko bumpers, which would be much thicker for the same weight. So I will concede that maybe I was a little too quick to call bullshit. Sorry. Maybe shoot less sketchy bragadouche videos next time.

My previous advice stands, and after watching your squat video I would also recommend you don’t go above 135 again until you learn how to lift with a proper lumbar curve and fix your kyphotic T-spine, unless you want back pain and ruptured discs in your future. Call me a hater or whatever you want, but that is solid advice right there and you should take it.

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@Juggs predicting by your comments i feel like your a skinny crossfitter squatting 225 with proper plates and your proper lumber whatever kyphotic t spine tecnique.Thanks for your advice tho dont miss your wallball wod today and why the hell would i zoom on plates on the vids

Kid, you were a toddler when I won my first powerlifting meet.

Just stop breathing.


@Juggs so you are just mad you couldn’t pull as much as me or it took you 10 years and some juice to do so.İs that where your hate coming from mr legandary powerlifter ?

I saw the one clip when you’re pulling 700for somebody your age you have a tremendous amount of muscle density. 500 milligrams of test a week and 25 dbol pretty heavy for one’s first cycle which if you are natural now i would not advise you are genetic freak. take it as far as you can natural for at least 2 years, my first cycle was 200 milligrams test cypionate American and real once aweek bench went from 380 to 420 in 10 weeks bw212 to 230 also 1 was 21 and had been lifting for 8 years . Back then a advanced cycle 200test,200deca, and 25mg anadrol ed. I knew guys who could total 2000 single ply on that cycle. If you do it start out low, my 68 year old weightlifting coach told me when dbol came out everybody started at 5mg a day,note that I said started at 5mg a day.