My First Cycle Shopping List

Shopping List:

Needles and Syringe:
23gauge needle + 100x22cc needles -->26$ of amazon

Testosterone Enanthate 250:
3750mg → 190$

100 Tabs x 10mg → 75$

30 Tabs x 20mg → 40$

24 Tabs x 50mg → 35$

Am I missing anything? I will be running a 12 Week Cycle.

What needle will you be drawing with? Little light on the Dbol, and everything else for that matter. Check your math for sure.

A 23 ga 1" Needle and a 3ML Syringe

Well i will be taking 30mg DBol a day for 4 weeks. At 10mg a tab i will use 84 tabs in total. Should i up it to 40mg Dbol?
Test E I will start to use already in the middle of week 4 with 250mg. Then injecting 250mg twice a week for the next 7 weeks. In total → 3750mg

The next two weeks i will stay of anything and after start using 40mg Nolvadex a day for a week and Chlomid 150mg on day 1; then 100mg for the next 7 days; followed by 50mg for 14 days.

Thoughts? All is pharma grade

You need to get an AI (aromatase inhibitor)

I’m a little confused by what you posted about the test, but you should run test for the whole cycle. I think you should get enough clomid+nolva to run for at least 4 weeks and maybe longer

start the test and dbol at the same time

[quote]Yogi wrote:
start the test and dbol at the same time[/quote]

seems like it’s too late for that.