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My First Cycle - Recap of a Few Years Ago

I want to help anyone who is interested in using anabolics, so I am here posting a recap of my very first cycle. If you have any comments, questions, etc, feel free to post below. Also, I will follow up with a post regarding each of my subsequent cycles as well. Hopefully, these will help you see how cycles can change over time, and you can get better at this whole game.

About me: High school athlete, from track to team sports. After school, got a physical job / relationship, and drastically stopped working out. Years later, started with endurance sports - dropped down to 170 lbs @ 6’2". Eventually resumed strength training, built a great foundation with weights, and then decided that I needed a little “help”.

Pre-cycle measurements:
Age 32 years
Height 6’2"
Weight 184-190 lbs
Didn’t record anything else, as I was only interested in “performance” at the time.

I only had access to Sustanon 250 at the time. Also, since it was my first cycle, I didn’t want to take too much, because I didn’t know how I’d respond, either positively or negatively. My injections would be 1cc/week, Sunday mornings, for the reasons listed above.

The first 3 shots went fine, but then 2 days later, I began to have really itchy nipples. Another couple of days, and they became quite tender. Research reveals - onset of gyno! Not good at all!

I realized that I should have been taking Tamoxifen (or something else for AI) the whole time, so I bought some and started that day, 20/40/40/20 mg. It worked - or so I thought. Took my next shot anyway. Things got even worse. More research led me to Letrozol - but it was very expensive. Decided it was worth it, and dosed 0.6/1.25/2.5/1.25/0.6 mg immediately. No more tenderness! But that really got me scared.

After 10 total shots, I took 2 weeks off, then began PCT as follows:
Tamox 10 days @ 40 mg, then 10 days @ 20 mg,
Clomid 10 days @ 100 mg, then 10 days @ 50 mg.

By the end of the cycle, my measurements were as follows:
Weight 202 lbs
Biceps - 14 1/2"
Neck - 16 1/2"
Calf - 16"
Chest - 45"
Shoulders - 49 3/8"
Thighs - 24"

After another couple of months, I lost weight down to 194 lbs, but very few inches. I looked great, and felt unstoppable. There were no signs of gyno, but I kept the drugs nearby, just in case. Even though this was a very, very mild cycle, I would classify it a success, as I learned a lot, and feel I’m better prepared for another in the future.