My First Cycle Progress

So my first cycle didn’t go as planned. But it has turned out successful. So I bought myself dbol arimidex clomid and test cyp.
I originally got everything but my test and wrote it off as a lost. But didn’t have the money to buy more. So I decide I would do a 4 week dbol only cycle

At 30 mg Ed. After the second day I could feel it working I just felt stronger. Loved it by end of week 2. Bench was up 20 lbs squat up 50lbs.
End of third week (today) I get a lovely gift of my test cyp. And so having what I need I decided to include my test. Did my first injection today. Cleaned
My working space with alcohol pad. Took a shower before injection. Popped open ampule drew up test using a blunt plastic cannula.

Switched to 22g 1.5" needle. cleaned glute with AP. pinned painlessly started to inject and than had my “Fu**” moment I forgot to aspirate. With already having injected .5cc I knew I just had to commit. Everything went fine. A little soreness in glute. Just like when I got shots from the docs it’s been about 12 hours and is way less sore. It was way easier than I thought it would be but I know next to not be stupid and aspirate first.

This is what my cycle was going to be
W1-4 dbol 30mg Ed
W1-10 test cyp 200mg twice a week
W1-10 arimidex .5 eod
Pct clomid day 1 300mg than 50 mg a day following

Now the only difference is that my test is week 3-13 same dose

And my dbol was taking by itself didn’t take an AI along with it. Stayed defined put on about .5 inch on my arms. No gyno symptoms either.

at 30mg u can run the dbol 6weeks trhat way ull finish it a little closer to when the cyp starts to kick in

Yeah If I had 6 weeks worth that’s what I would do. Its kinda how things went this time which sucks. At least it was the test that I got late and not my AI and pct. I have a much more reliable hook up now and next time I will get everything all at once.

Run an AI just to be safe.

Arimidex is an AI. Read before you post

Alright so this is my last one until the end of the cycle. But I did my seconds injection doing a 3/4 day split and oh boy did it feel better than my first. I had a buddy if mine who is an emt do my second injection just out of convenience and easiness. I noticed that what made the difference on soreness was the speed. 30 seconds to do 1 cc where he slowed it to about 2 mins for 1cc. Not even the slightest but sore. Its also really nice that we both work in the fire service cause we both are very carefully with being clean and sterile so infection is the least of my worries.

If you have the luxury of a friend that knows how to properly inject. As in sterilize, aspirate, and good rate of injection. Have them do it. If not learn fast cause the better you are the less sore you will be.