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My First Cycle Plan! What Do You Think?

Hi i have allready planned my first cycle in 3 weeks.
I have done my research and im pretty sure it wont be worst but curious what do you think?
I have been lifting 3 years, my diet is in check with a cheat day in 2 weeks.
I was 17,5% of bodyfat in spring, i have waited patiently about 12 weeks and cutting it down …
Now it is 12,3% (no strenght loss)

Age: 27
Height: 182cm (6ft)
Weight: 86.5kg (190lbs)

My cycle plan:

1-12 weeks. test e 500 mg /week
1-12 weeks. Arimidex. 0.25mg/day
14-16 weeks. Nolvadex. 40mg/day
16-18 weeks. Nolvadex. 20mg/day

I plan to eat 500kcal above maintainance
Train every other day legs1/upperbody1/legs2/upperbody2

And also i have this plan that i bulk 14 weeks. Then maintain 15-18 and then bulk naturally forward. Like. 8 weeks or so and then cut mabey.
Is it good idea. And what do you think what my bf % will be after 12 weeks

Ill probably post here on and after cycle my results

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Looking for holes and I can’t see many… you are planning on pinning 2x week Right? More stable levels with 2x week. The adex may be a little high if tour an “over responder” as I’ve heard people call it… I didn’t need much adex… I took it eod my first cycle so be sure to keep a check on e2 levels if possible… I like it bro. I think your expectations can be met if you eat right. Eat clean, train hard and make the most of your cycle! Keep us posted.

Ok thanks. I ve read that 0.125mg arimidex a day is way too little dose.But ill start arimidex 0.125mg a day and mabey bring it up if needed.
Other thing, i know it aint excuse, but i have test 300mg. so to take in 250mg i would have to draw 0,844 ml or smth
. Would it be more simple to pin every 4 days, 1 ml(300mg) ? thats what i probably do.

its then 525mg test a week.

I would do 300 on mondays and 300 on Thursdays

I would agree/ 300 x 2 a week.
You’d be surprised how little Adex most people need, if they end up needing any at all.

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But why is it better?

Why is what better? 2x per week? Because of the half life of the test enth, or test cyp… it will keep your blood concentration of test more level, reducing side effects and estrogen issues… is that what you’re asking? Or you asking about the Monday’s and Thursday’s? We run that type of pinning because you can look at a calender and say, “I have 3 days till I pin again because I pin on mondays…” if you go every 4 days, you will be pinning on different days of the week every week and can easily forget when you last pinned…

Ok, ill buy calendar for this and pin every 4 days, this way its perfectly even and every 4 days is pretty good i think

lol. everybody loves to reinvent the wheel.

Seriously, you can just pin 2x a week. much easier to keep track of.


Buy a calendar?? lol Or you can just pin on Mon and Thu… It should not require too much thought. It’s not rocket surgery.


Either pin Monday and Thursday or you could create a new day. 8 day weeks and then we are pinning the same days every week… God, why didn’t they think of that when they went with 7 days??! WTF

Haaha… I dont know why people say like im the dumb one, for me its dumb to pin yourself in 3 days then in 4 days. Just because somebody in some point thought 7 days is a week. Doesent mean your body knows that. To your body all days are the same. And logic tells me if i can pin every 4 days it would be really just more optimal. :slight_smile: no hars feelings, thats just how i think.
But anyways, ill sure keep you posted about my gains and so.

Thanks for replies.

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Hello my anabolic friends. I had my first pin today. Nothing special happened, as i really asked a friend who knows how to do it. I used 23 gauge needle 1.5 inch long. I was really suprised how its not painful at all.
I have been cutting for 12 weeks know. Im raising my calories to surplus slowly. to get less fat. So 4 days from now i will be on 200 surplus calories. Then planning to be week 2 there, and then mabey add another 300 on the start of week 3. As for now im not planning to eat more than 500 plus in a day, because i do not want fat gain. Perfect would be if i remain same or smth. I dont know if i can hope it goes down, probably not.
Im about 190lbs now 6ft tall, about 11-12% bf , ill keep you posted about gains and shieeeed… :smiley:

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Good luck on the cycle man, I’m doing a similar one by October but since I have Test 300/mg I’ll keep it simple and I’ll do 600MG a week so I can use 1ml.

Keep us posted!

Make sure you try to get fuckin ridiculously strong. It helps with everything

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2nd that🔼 hahaha… being ridiculously strong is a key component to everything I want in life…hahaa

I’m on my first cycle and have t300 also and just pin 300mg 2x a week. It’s just easier that way

Hello again guys, i pinned second time yesterday , didnt feel a thing. next day is like a really mild pruse feeling on cheek, nothing special , doesent hurt in gym and does not bother me.

Starting today im on 3100 kcal diet, for one week, and week from now im planning to raise it 3500. That said, my maintanance is something like 2900. i did not want to raise it suddenly, cause what ive read, then the fat comes more easier. so i did at least 1 week working 2100 up to 3100.

But i have read a lot lately and from all the information i have come to conlusion. And i want to know your opinions too :).

Im a guy who does not want to compete in anything . I just want to look good.

Im 6 feet 190 lbs 12% bodyfat, i want to be 210 lbs 10-11 % BF. Thats my goal. and i know this is really catchable naturally, no problem few years mabey. But i have desided to do few cycles to speed it up. Mabey 2 cycles. and then planning on to 2-3 times train a week and maintain. Cause what i have read, ive understand that i can hold on most of my gains with my stats first 2 cycles definetly, because im not near my natural limit. im 27 years old, if i recover well, i should be able to hold naturally 210lbs 10-11 % bf pretty easy? what do you think.
Cause if you are like 240lbs when you do cycle,when you come off you go 225-230 at least , if you do not run like little dose 200mg in 10 days test , to maintain it.
Am i right? lets say for example that i have test level 550. Then probably it means somewhere 230lbs or so is my natural limit what body can hold?

Feel free to comment about this in here if you have some great info with this, and what do you think, do i get my goal, 210lbs 10-11%bf in 2 cycles inside a year?. I eat clean, dont drink, dont smoke, dont do drugs, try to sleep good. i cheat mabey every 2-3 weeks once.

Ohh , and one more thing, i started arimidex from first day 0.5mg eod. and my blood pressure today was really low , i felt bad in mall so i measured it home later it was 121/66 pulse 61. Could it be arimidex too early too much? :slight_smile:

Thats a good reading mate. Also the adex would only affect no is water retention was high and it would take about 5 days to take effect.