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My First Cycle, Opinions Please


Sustanon Week 1-2 500mg(frontload)3-10 250mg per (ew)

boldenone week 1-2 500mg week 3-10 300mg (ew)

dinabol week 1-4 25mg every day


proviron week 2-10 25mg every day

tamoxifeno week 2-12 10mg every day week 13 30mg week 20mg week 14 20mg

hcg: week 2-10 500ui (e5d)
please i need your opinion and suggestions


Very lean, but not that much muscle.

How old are you?
250mg of sustanon isn't really that great

here is what I would advise

weeks 1-10
sustanon 500mg Every week with injections at least every other day

weeks 1-10
EQ 400mg every week with injections 2x a week (500-1000 frontload on first week)

weeks 1-pct (taper off through pct) adex .25mg-.5mg EOD

weeks 1-4 Dbol 25mg ED

Proviron is largely useless..

Pct 2 weeks after last injection

nolva 40/40/20/20

weeks 3-10 hcg 250iu 2x a week (if you are really trying to use it)


bolde front load 500 or 1000?


that's entirely up to you


How old are you? Personally you look like there is alot that can be done through proper nutrition and some wieght gainer.


I'd frontload about 10,000 calories of weight gainer before any amount of EQ.

While I'd say forget the EQ and just use test, the EQ could definitely add a boost in hunger which looks necessary.




hello jacob i have 21 this pic its a litlle older in the pick i have 63 kl now im 68kl . 7%bf


Hello jacob im 21 y/o the pick is a litlle older now i have 78kl 7%bf i don like shitty supplemments i belive in food im have lean mass i belive im perfect for a fist bulk cycle im gonna change de bolde for deca .


Well bro 21 is a little to young for AAS, but I can tell your not going to listen so if your stuck on doing a cycle as TRT said 500mg a week of test is all you need, I would advise you to take a month or two and spend atleast an hour a day reading about the stuff your trying to use. And please read Furious George Steroid Newbie Cycle Planning. And if suppliments are shit then learn how to make your own! really your calorie intake is far to low.


hi people thanks to help me i have a new cycle look:

diana 25 (ed) 1-4 week
susta 500(ew) 1-10 week
deca 300(ew) 1-8 week
bolde 300(ew) 1-10 week


any AI in there?

8 weeks really isn't long enough for deca unless you frontload.


So instead of the recommendation to take away and stick with test, you added things? Is this your first cycle?


yes is my first cycle well here i go again

diana 25 (ed) 1-4 week
susta 500(ew) 1-10 week
deca 300(ew) 1-10 week
bolde 300(ew) 1-10 week


I mean...if you think you can handle it..

Id strongly suggest getting adex for estrogen control and caber for prolactin

I believe you should also discontinue the deca and perhaps the EQ also before you stop using the test.

so perhaps use the test for 12 weeks and the Deca and EQ for 10 weeks (both with frontloads)


What do you mean? he's never even done a cycle, the kid doesnt know what the fuck he can handle! Why are you even giving him stacking advise? I dont know shit compared to some of these guys but I atleast read the stickies!


I get asked a lot why I give guys like the Op advice on their ludicrous suggestions. It's because I realize that they will not take "NO" for an answer, and will competely disregard anyone telling them that they are wrong.

So since they are going to do something outlandish, they might as well do it right.


chill out people look mi ptc:

week 11-13 100,50,50 clomid y 30,20,10 tamoxifeno

week 2-13 500ui(e5d) hcg .


Pct should start 2 weeks after your last injection of testosterone E, and should be run for four weeks.

Hcg should be begun in week 3 and concluded before pct begins.


LOL when you run into side effects good luck trying to figure what compound its coming from!