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My First Cycle Needs Help


I just got 500 pills of t-bol ( 50 mg ) each and 200 pills of anavar (10 mg ) each . I need help running my 1st cycle . How much should I take n for how long should the cycle be . I was thinking about 100 mg of tbol and 40 mg of anavar. And also do I need any other pills after cycle for liver protection .. What will be best to take . I am 5 10 . Been truing fro 3 years started from 145 and currently I weight 175 . I just wana get little harder and gain more strength n vescolarity plus more definition with couple pound of solid muscle . I am not looking to get too huge. See what u guys think. Any help would be appreciated


three years to go from 145-175? sounds like you need more food and more sleep.

what is your age?


I am 24. Can some 1 help me run my first cycle


It sounds to me you need to do some research on AAS! IMO, you have no idea what you're getting into?! What's your diet like? How much protein? What about your training? Sleep habits? IMO, you have alot to learn before you do any cycle!
Firstly, I would not recommend anyone do an oral only cycle!

Secondly, both of those will give you similar results. Why use both at the same time? More stress on your liver for little gain!
Thirdly, do you know what SERMs & AIs are? what about PCT?
Please go do some research before you do anything!!!

My 2 cents!


I have good diet i eat 10 egg whites a day n rolled oats and my other meal which include small meals of baked sweet potato chicken brown rice bake fish vegetables and protien shakes and I also juice fresh vegetables And fruits and drink lots of water through out the day . I take multi vitamins and preworkout stuff. I train 5 days a week . 2 body parts a day. N I also sleep atleast 8 hours a night. Thirdly, I don't know what SERMs & AIs are? what about PCT? I don't know whats that either . Can u please explain these things and also tell me if mg diet is ok or not


So can u please help me with things I need to take beside steroids to keep my body safe


I'm not a pharma expert, but you need to eat and lift like a man. Try a program like Joe DeFrancos WSSB or Jim wendlers 5/3/1 and eat. Eat everything. It sounds like you don;t have the foundation to cycle. Eat everything in sight, meat, vegs, fruit, dairy, carbs and fats. Lift heavy, big compound lifts. sleep 8-10 hrs a night. If you think your gettin fat, run bleachers at a HS stadium or find a good hill. After a year or two, then you might be ready for a cycle. Also sounds like you might be over training. Just my 43 year old opinion. BTW, orals are hepatoxins, look that up.


It sounds like you aren't eating near enough food. Try eating food before doing steroids.


You have months of resaerch to do.

Read until you can answer your own questions. Nothing youve asked is difficult. The knowledge needed to answer them is a prerequisite to running a cycle.

And why dont you eat egg yolks? Are you a bitch or just caught up in media hype?


Egg yokes have fat n cloestrol I don't eat things with lot of saturated fat. Cause that gets me fat . I try to eat only healthy carbs n lean protien I rather be lean then huge but I wana get solid with couple pound of mussle . I eat a lot guys trust me I just don't wana get too big. So can u guys help me set up my cycle


What do u consider good food.


Egg yolks for one :slight_smile:


Saturated fat gets you fat?

o rly?

Heres the deal. If you dont want to get big (which is fine, personal goals are personal goals) then dont do steroids. If you just want to add 2 pounds of muscle or whatever than just eat some more food and get stronger until your goals are met.


Cholesterol is no where near as bad for you as the media makes out. It's the precursor for many hormones (as it is a steroid it's self (obviously not AS)) and eggs are one of the best source of it. They also have low levels of saturated fat in regards to total fat content.
If I'm honest no one here is probably going to give you advice for a cycle. You haven't really provided much info about yourself such as training history, current training, bf% or a picture. It doesn't seem like you've done that much research either e.g. you haven't said what you've thought of dosing it at and haven't mentioned a pct.
I'm not trying to be harsh on you I'm just saying you may want to focus a little more work on getting to know your product before you take it and potentially regret it.
I'd also try and get to 195-200 naturally first but that my own opinion.


Y do I need to gain so much weight in order to use steroids. N plus I fig no1 gonna answer me straight so I will prob ask the guy t gym who is taking steroids. Maybe he can help me better then u guys.


You can take them now but as you have cutting roid if you are heavier you get better end results. Also 200lbs as I suggested is not exactly heavy for someone who's 5 foot 10


Obviously youre thinkgin about this backwards and didnt read what I wrote.

Steroids are used to GET BIG. If you dont want to GET BIG. Why use steroids?? You simply want to use drugs for the cool factor. This is assuming you arent an athlete.

That's fine. Ifyour body. But dont get all pissy if people who think they know what's best for situation dont feel compelled to help you.

There are probably 3 dozen forums that discuss drug use. Take your pick until you find the place that gives you the answers you want to hear.


What the hell is a 'cutting roid'

Please leave the bro-knowledge off this board.


A steroid that is classically used in a cutting cycle ...


Any steroid can be used in a muscle gain or fat loss cycle. ANY.