My First Cycle, Need Help

Ok so I’m new to the forum and am in my 3rd week of my first ever cycle, i have a higher than average intelligence but am ignorant in this regard, I started this cycle out of need and desperation after a shoulder injury at work that took me out the gym for 6 months effected my production lvl at work and nearly cost me my job I did a lot of research but noticed if you look long enough online concerning steroids you can find the answer your looking for regardless if it’s a good answer or not.

Iv read other forums and know guys like me generally just get their ass chewed get told how stupid they are and generally don’t get the help they are looking for so if that’s the type of advice you plan on giving just keep it to yourself , that being said I have a family I have to take care of and my need out weighs the risk . So I need some real help not just the advice of do more research iv been reading for a month before I started this cycle. All thait being said hears the info yall will need to help me if your willing?

I’m 33 years old I weighed a whopping 152 lbs after my injury dropping from 176 that I gained with diet and exercise all natural my normal walk around weight is 155 lbs keep that in mind as I continue I choose deca for it’s healing properties and that was my first priority saving my job and providing for my family I’m taking a pretty high dose of 750mg at 2 and half ml per week iv read that you won’t notic deca till the 3rd week but with the dosage my body weight my body fat % about 7 % when I started and about 5 %.

Now I was feeling the effects by the end of the first week ,in the first two weeks I lost the little belly I had the only fat on my body and gained 8 lbs water or muscle how ever you wish to view it I am a remarkable gainer naturally , I just ordered test e 250 mg per ml and my next bottle of deca 300 mg per ml was my shoulder has been getting better and better and am thinking of dropping the deca to 600 mg per week and adding the test e at a 1:1 ratio I know from my research I should do a 2:1 ratio test e / deca but can’t afford it atm and what little extra money I have I need to spend on the advice I get from you guys what else do I need as far as an AI basically I don’t want bitch Tits or my load size to shrivel with my nuts I want to do it right as far as pct ect …

Ok so now if your sympathetic to my situation and offer real help instead of just criticism I’m all ears thank you ahead of time and if your an ass and feel the need to just talk shit I’ll go aheadand tell ya in advance " go fuck yourself" lol but really thank you guys

My daily calories is in the 2500 to 3500 range taking aminos creatine glutamine probiotics eat 6 times a day train and hour and a half by myself or 2 to 3 hours with a workout partner 6 days a week although my strength is low since the time off from my injury I still workout harder if not heavier than anyone at my gym I’m extreamly dedicated to my diet and my training that much or part is not an issue

I dont really know enough about deca to give you specific advice, but you should have started with using both test and deca. I dont think you absoutely have to keep your test dose higher than deca, but you want the test in there to prevent libido related sides, which are very common among deca/tren users, as a result of elevated levels of prolactin. You need to get caber, for controlling prolactin, or at least have it on hand in case you experience any sides related to that.

Having an AI will not prevent your load or balls from shriveling up, only HCG will help with that. An AI will help to keep estrogen under control (especially once you add in test), which is important because obviously it will help decrease your chances of developing gyno. High estrogen can also affect your libido, and joints. I experienced high estrogen joint issues and believe me you dont want them. My shoulders got so stiff I couldnt even sleep for more than an hour at night without having to wake up and move them.

Sorry I cant give you specifics, but if you just do a search on google you can find all your answers. You should always have an AI on hand before starting a cycle. Hopefully you have PCT figured out. I would also look into HCG to help make recovery easier.

Cool what is a recommendation on an AI something not crazy expensive if possible so far no issues with libido exact opposite actually but I’m only half way through the 3rd week but my sex drive is through the roof and the bonkers don’t wait till morning to wake me up lol

Recommendation it normally 0.5 every other day to every third day. The two AI available are Arimidex and Aromasin, take your pick they’re both expensive. I would highly recommend getting Caber first though