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My First Cycle. Need Feedback


First off all my english are not good.

But.. hi i'm 19 years old, i have been trained for 3-4 years and been clean all the way. Never had a serious injure and my health are great - and have good genetics. So i know how to eat and train. I have been to a doctor and taking blood pressure - and that was good. I also takning a blood sample, just to check my body first. My plan is to take my first cycle now, but i want to hear about your experience first about the side effects.

I have heard many myth about it, and with people that have not going very well with. But every time i hear about that they say they have abused it. My plan is not to abuse it, and only take 1-2 cycle on the year with break. My plan is not Mr.olympia - but just get stronger and bigger faster than before. Do you think that i will get many side effects about it? and if i will.. will it be gone after i have used it? Just wanna ask to make sure before using. :slight_smile:


If your goal is not to be Mr. Olympia or break world record then at 19 years old you have no place running AAS. If you genetics are as good as you believe and your training and nutrition are "good" then hold off on the drugs you have plenty of natural gains still to come.


^i agree with this 100%.

to the OP, if you plan on being a competitive athlete, then i understand the need to risk taking AAS at such a young age, but if you just wanna be bigger and stronger, then keep doing what you're doing. once you plateau and can't make any more natural gains, then i'd look back into steroids...


Thanks for taking the time to answer. My problem is not that i can't get gain - my problem is that a wanna get strong as fuck now, and not wait many years. I know i'm still young, but i still want to gain faster than that i doing now. I use many of my time in the gym and the kitchen, so i'm seriously about this. I have doing som powerlifting before, but don't like it anymore. Now my training is just a hobby, and i love it - and wanna be stronger and bigger than the normal. To be bigger and stronger makes me happier.

But why is it a problem to use ASS if i don't want to join mr.olympia or break a world record? Or is it just that it so many side effects in my age? even with good use, and not abuse?


well, a good cycle should not cause too many side effects, particularly if you do it right. especially for a guy like you, that's simply looking for a boost, and not to literally be the biggest and strongest man alive...

it's just that once you start using AAS, you can't really go back. well, you kind of can (SARMs, prohormones, other supplements), but nothing else is as effective. also, at your age you should be able to make pretty good gains.... personally, i lifted throughout high school, but always weighed around 160 (at 6'1"). when i got a little older, i went from 155 at 18 years old (after Army basic training) to 220 at 20 years old, at the same bodyfat.


Thanks for the answer. Yes! just a boost is all i need.

But i'm still curious.. why many says that i should wait till i'm 21 or older? is that because they think people under that age is not old enough to think self, and it's a bigger chance that it can go wrong? well all i wanted to know was that if i don't abuse it will things be possibly be okay. I know it can be some side effects, but that will go away when i'm finish my cycle. Hope you understand :slight_smile:


dude sideffects are genetic - i take trenbelone, methly tren, test, masteron, a lot of shit no side effects nothing.

not even ball shirnkage

however, i am very competitive athlete, and i dont take all those compounds at once.. for you if u just want some strength id say. Run test 1CC 3/4 days a week 100mg concentration so thats only 300-400 mg...thats very low and mild if u do have sides they will be minimal.

tren makes u super strong strength = more sizse lift more weight but tren is more toxic to liver..theres a lot of hype over ass ur not gona die if u cycle..

my friends in college get fucked up till they pass out 5 days a week, start drinking at 4pm for football pregame dont stop till 4 am thats fucking brutal for ur liver they do that 8 years thru graduate school..and that habit wont stop when there out of college....


Thanks for the help people. I know alcohol is alot dangerous than steroids. I just wanted to make sure, so i don't have to worry me so fucking a lot. I will only do one cycle in the year - in the winter just for the boost. I will only use tabs first to see how my body respond, and start very light.

Turanabol: 60mg/day - split it up to 3 times a day - in 10 weeks. After that i will take 20mg clomid ED for two weeks. And I have nolvadex on the side, just in case.

I will keep you guys updated if i still alive. LOL.


What the fuck... So you ask our advice and your told to wait by every one except one person... Who doesn't seem the brightest here and you listen to him because its what you wanted to hear. Then after that you lay out your half ass piece of shit oral only cycle...WTF.... Good fucking luck man.

Have a good day I am done even trying with you guys any more.


Why so negative man? Life is so short, that i can't wait. I never got a good answer of why i should wait either than my body is still young and produce good natural gain. I know that, but i only want some boost and gain faster with a minimal risk - I can't see the problem in that.

Arnold and all those good guys did that, and live fine now (i know that's a bad excuse, but still true). And instead of for trying to make me unsafe - try to help me. Anyway didn't you like my cycle? what do you guys think i should to do else?


You asked for advice and you were given the advice and yet you ignored it that is why I am being negative torward you. You did not come here for advice you came here hoping someone would tell you to do it and the second you got that the rest of our opinions did not matter.

Your suggested cycle is shit but, personally I don't like you so I wont help lay it out but, I am sure some one will feel sorry for you and help you. so have a good day.


OP your an idiot. Just like every other 19 year old, all they need is just one person to say do it and it negates the responses of many others. Then you decide to do an oral only cycle. Then you say you have great genetics and eat and train well which I doubt, THEN you say I just want to be strong as fuck now, but what about later, in 5-10 years. Then you say arnold did it, well your not arnold and you don't know how well off you'll be, also if you didn't know arnold also had major heart surgery, from all the steroids? Maybe? But who knows.


Don't do oral only cycle mate trust me I'm 27 now I did two oral only cycles when I was 22 and 23 put on a bit of bulk but disappointing gains and lots of water and lost every single bit of it within a few months after each cycle because of the lack of test, I thought I knew best and that my high test levels at that age would be enough. Wait a couple of years and do an injectable or nothing at all.

I was lucky as no long term effects although it put my natural training back a couple of years and only now at 27 am I considering a injectable cycle, to be honest they were such a disappointment that I don't even count like I have done steroids before and don't look like I have either.


Fine. I see now that i should wait. I realised that i don't need to risk my body when i already gain good naturally now. But i will anyway read me up so i know how to cycle later. I don't have the knowledge. I only have the knowledge about the injury prevention training, progression, resting and diet. Goodbye, my gym needs me.


honestly, i wouldn't even read up on it now... seriously.

if you keep researching it now, are you're gonna hear and think is how great you'll grow on cycle (and prolly end up on cycle in 6 months anyway). take your time and build yourself up naturally, and if you decide you wanna cycle down the road, then come on back and someone here will help ya out, free of charge.


@OP Good idea wait a bit mate, if you don't like idea of pinning then forget Roids in my opinion. If you can cope with pinning then train like you are on a cycle until you are 21 and then do some. Just remember if you stay away from gear you have the capacity to make more natural gains in the next 2 years than you do for 5 any other time in your life.