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My First Cycle In 6 Years


This will be my first cycle in over 6 years. I last used AAS in March 1999.
Here are my stats. I'm currently as of today 5'9" 213 lbs. bodyfat 17%. I feel my training and diet is ok. I don't plan on being a bodybuilder or anything I just wanna get bigger. I've been training for more than 10 years.
I plan on doing this cycle for the new year. I won't smoke or drink.

week 1-10
200mg Test. Cypionate per week
200mg Deca per week

week 11
200mg Test. Cypionate per week

week 12 off

week 13-14
50 mg clomid everyday

week 15-16
20 mg Nolvadex everyday

***I want to incorporate D-bol on a 4 week on 4 week off and 4 week on again. It would be like this.

week 1-4
25 mg D-bol (5x5) everyday

week 5-8 off

week 9-12
25 mg D-bol (5x5) everyday

I will use the Nolva if I feel any symptoms coming on.I know this is not a very strong cycle that others may use. I'm just trying to figure out a cycle for myself. I want to split the D-bol on off and on so as to give my liver a rest in between. The Test and Deca are equal amounts. I will try to put on about 30 or more pounds. I know I will gain fat also but that is not a concern for me. I just want to get bigger.

I will consume probably 4000+ calories a day which includes food and shakes. I will be taking plenty of milk thistle for my liver, glucosamine,chondroitin and msm for my joints I would like all of your input so that is why I want to start this for the new year so I can read your opinons befor I begin.Any info is welcomed and appreciated.
Thank you.


first off....thank you for being detailed in your post. its nice to know goals, experience, training, diet etc etc etc etc without having to ask.

i personally would change up your cycle a little. keep the same AAS (cyp, deca, d-bol) but i would slightly up the dosages and re-structure it a little.

week 1: 800 mg cyp, 600 mg deca
weeks 2-10: 400 mg cyp, 300 mg deca
week 11: 400 mg cyp
weeks 1-3, 6-8 & 12-14: 25 mg d-bol ED

PCT starts week 15
week 15-16: 100 mg clomid ED
week 17-18: 40 mg nolva ED


You weren't drinking when you designed this cycle were you? Just kidding bro. Your test and deca are way to low to realistically think that you are going to gain 30lbs on this cycle. I would up the dosage of test to 500mg and deca 400mg with a frontload of deca at 800mg.


I like your way of doing the D-bols.
Is frontloading really necessary?
I did not want to try a higher dose of clomid and Nolva since I was going to be on a lower dosage of test & deca than most would take.


Frtontload deca only?
Is frontloading really necessary?
I want to use Dbol to jumpstart my cycle and maybe go 3 weeks on 3 weeks off and repeat.


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I agree with juice20jd version of the cycle, its very carefully planned.

And bushido has a point. Being over 210 pounds you would have to be very sensitive to the positive effects of AAS to justify a dosage that low.


I'm on my last week of my cycle. I just finished my last shot of Deca. Next week will be my final shot of Test. Cyp.
I'm pleased with the results. I'm at 241 lbs. and i feel great. I start my PCT in 2 weeks. It will be
week 1 100mg ed. clomid
week 2 50 mg ed. clomid
week 3 40 mg ed. nolva
week 4 20 mg ed. nolva
I just wanted to share this with all of you


Good shit bro. Give us some more info.BF%, Measurements. Gret job.


As I have said before deca has a long half life, so you should begin your pct around week 17 - 18. not week 13, as you will be finished you pct drugs at about the point where the steroids will have sufficiently cleared your body that it will be possible for you to recover.


Thanks P22
I will start my PCT in 4 weeks instead of 2 weeks.
I haven't measured my bf% but I know it went up.
I gained a little size on both arms. It could be due to the water weight.
My arms measure in at 18 3/4(R)
18 1/2 (L) fully flexed.
I'm happy


why don't you use EQ over deca? i also suggest hcg if you're going to run deca. interesting way to run that dbol.


I never used EQ before. I have used Test E. with Deca befor. So I figure Test Cyp with Deca is the same, I had good results befor
The Dbols I figure it would relieve stress off my liver


There is a difference in the half-life of each Test, that is why it is important to plan your post cycle accordingly. I agree with using the EQ over the Deca for this type of cycle.