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My First Cycle Idea!


Hi T-Nation, i am thinking about doing my first Cycle in aobut 5-6 months. im currently 21, 175cm 88kg, with only a little body fat. i think 14%, well before u flame about my age and weight and that i shouldn't do roids for x number of years.

I wanna get something straight, its my choice and i have always been a sucker for drugs to try them atleast once :stuck_out_tongue: ofcourse i dont do any drugs anymore.. But here is what i've came up with for my first cycle.

Week Testosterone Cypionate Dianabol
1 500 mg / per week 25 mg / per day
2 500 mg / per week 25 mg / per day
3 500 mg / per week 25 mg / per day
4 500 mg / per week 25 mg / per day
5 500 mg / per week 25 mg / per day
6 500 mg / per week
7 500 mg / per week
8 500 mg / per week
9 500 mg / per week
10 500 mg / per week
11 500 mg / per week
12 500 mg / per week

and for my PCT i was thinking of getting both Clomid and Nolvadex and doing them for about a month or so.. Any ideas on how long a first cycle PCT should be like, will be great help thx. Also i have read that Arimidex is useless for a first cycle any thoughts on this? becuase it wont be too expensive to just add that.. Well there it goes i await your flaming :P.. peace


I've never heard of a'dex not being necessary for a 1st cycle. I'm yet to do my first injectable cycle (it's in the pipeline) so I don't talk from experience. However in theory you could probably try 0.25 a'dex EOD and see how that works out (you will prob need to increase this as your cycle progresses).

Not to flame, but considering the questions you're asking are you sure you know what you're getting yourself into? I can't comment on the age thing because I'm 21 also so that might be a touch hypocritical.

Hope that helped, maybe someone with more knowledge than I could come and help you out.


thx for the reply, what exactly do u mean do i know what im getting my self into? if ur reffering to the dangers of steroids and a good PTC, ofcourse ill be researching for months before i inject anything, i just want to get everything ready first. What cycle are u doing btw? would be interesting to share.


Take a look here (I'm part of the study) http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=1736650

I'll be using Test Phenylprop, Masteron, Nandrolone phenylprop, and oral(s) (which are undecided at the moment).

I only bring up the research point because I know from experience that after about a year of avid studying, there's still some stuff that takes you by surprise. Just be careful that's all, especially at our age!


thanks for looking out for me, i will be i want to do it right first time, no stuff ups heh. Wish steroids were easy to get in Australia, I'm buying now for later, cause will be very annoying if u cant get gear, and u want it :. even if i decide not to use i could probably sell at a hefty price :wink:



Perfect for first cycle.


I don't see why you would try to plan your cycle out when you admit you still have months of research to do.


Couldnt agree with you more Contrl. Do the research, then ask the questions. Im sure you will learn a ton in the next 6 months. Good luck.


Exactly as LillGuy said.

By the time you're done doing all your research, your mind will quite possibly be completely changed.