My First Cycle & General Intro

Hi everyone - excuse the long post (if you want to skip it the main bits are in bold)

[b]I am 21yrs old, have been training properly for 4 years (eating properly for about 2),
am 238lbs and 5’10" at around 12%BF. I have a good grasp of how I respond to different types of
training and diet. I am no powerlifter but my lifts on the big 3 are

315lbs bench for reps
350 squat for reps
400lbs dead for reps

(reps being around 3-5)[/b]

In the past I have trained steadily and consistently but have
made my biggest gains in bursts. This is because I am currently
studying dentistry and so when I get a small holiday I really go for it (usually HFT) then
go back to steady gaining (this is relevant bear with me).

Currently (and for the foreseeable furture) I am DCing and am loving it. I make my best gains
with abbreviated Upper/lower workouts EDT style, usually 30min sessions 5/6 days per week. Obviously
this doesn’t leave a lot of time for studying (and I have this years finals soon) hence the
3x per wk DC training (which has me gaining consistently).

**** I do not intend on starting a cycle just yet. I have set myself certain goals to reach before I
“reward” myself with my first cycle (in terms of lifts). I expect to meet these goals by the time I am 22 (at the latest).

My strength and weight is consistently going up. I am eating generally 4500+ Kcals on training days and around 3000kcals
on off days. I am comsuming less carbs on off days.

Why do I wish to use steroids you ask? I obviously have not reached my natural limit yet (if such a thing exists). I am willing to use steroids at a younger than usual age
because (correct me if I’m wrong) recovery of the HPTA is easier, and to be honest I am looking at competing in strongman
and want to do the best I can, the quickest I can.

I can certainly continue to make gains for YEARS to come naturally, but to be quite honest
I want them quicker and I want enhanced recovery and the plethora of other benefits from high Test. I use a lot
of test boosters (cycled) and have had my total test measured at 479 (during a DC cruise, I’m guessing during heavy training it’s much lower than this).

Originally after a little reading a pair of 2 on 2 off oral cycles sounded a good way to “test the waters”.
However a test based cycle seems like the best method to avoid depression and sexual sides. Please correct me if I’m wrong (esp tonebone given all your experience in this field).

[b]I would like to keep things fairly simple during my first cycle, and I have 2 different cycles I would like some critique on;

1.(a shorty)
Week 1-6 500mg Test Prop/wk (front load with 1000mg during the first week)
week 1-6 adex 0.25mg EOD (to start with and modify as req’d)
(injecting ED)


week 1-12 500mg Test E/wk (front load with 1000mg during the first week)
week 1-12 adex 0.25mg EOD (to start with and modify as req’d)
(injecting EOD)

I will also have nolva on hand for use during either cycle if req’d.

As PCT for both cycles I am intrigued by P22’s test taper. I do not however wish to stay on for longer than necessary
if this is going to make recovery harder. I understand (perhaps incorrectly) that I will not need the “stasis” portion of the taper if I am just using test,
and so can immediately start to drop from 100mg downwards… [/b]

Otherwise I will be using nolva for 2weeks or 4weeks respectively (I’ll have a larger supply than required as a precaution)
Nolva (if not using taper) will start 5 days after cycle 1 OR 12 days after cycle 2, tapering from 40mg ed to 5mg ed.

I am well versed (and practised) in IM injections due to my dental course (you wouldn’t believe the amount of “medicine” we
get put through…

Ok everyone let rip…

EDIT - highlighted main points in bold…

I’d say go with cycle 2

as far as PCT that is something you have to decide. I think I’d try p22s taper but thats just my opinion

but if you are still gaining weight and getting stronger consistently, you might outta think of postponing your first cycle for a while. wait till things are slowing down more


#1 won’t shut you down as hard, and I think prop is superior for a few reasons. PCT should be a breeze with that one. Prop is just very inconvenient with the daily injections.

Thanks guys - your opinions are all very valuable, I appreciate your time and effort! A hard shutdown is my main fear - which has me erring towards option 1. However, I realise the benefits of longer cycles…

Many thanks again