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My First Cycle Finally


ok today i bought my first cycle, 10ml of T 250, and im only going to do 250mg's a week and i was wondering if i should stack something ontop of it? My buddy that sold it to me, told me that i should gain eny where between 20 and 25lbs. (should i expect that)

Would some body give me a diet and some knowldege of what to stack with this. oh and im only tippin the scales at 154lb.


i can hear it coming.


You really don't like listening to experienced people about this huh?

Which part of "you're 18, don't use this" went over your head?

At this point, you deserve what you get. Have fun.


I...you're only...your gonna......you don't even...owww, my head.


especially when you have no idea what the stuff will do to you or how to take it, i can already see what your next post will entail...


You've been training a YEAR. Your first cycle should include tons of food, read everything on this site about training and throw the juice away.


Good luck with the boobs.

"I have nipples, Greg, could you milk me?"


Oh you can milk anything with nipples LOL!!


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Ok bro first off your 18 your natural test levels are peaking. You shouldn't be using. But since you have your mind set on it we might as well help you so you don't do too much damage even though some may or may not be inevitable. 250mg of Test a week for 10 weeks isn't going to do much.

This is a mild HRT dose that people use to bring their levels up. Also hows the PCT do you know what that is? If not I strongly suggest you research it. Hold on to your gear for a while before you use it and study up on this shit. We may not be able to stop you from fucking up, but we can educate you.

Research clomid, nolva, arimidex, bromocriptine, hcg, and the sorts. You will need some of these after your cycle IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE CYCLE ITSELF IN MY OPINION. Be careful and understand you are taking a HUGE risk.


I hear that acne, man teets, and shrunken testicles are what all the highschool girls are into! Why are you guys giving this kid a hard time??


I think you're just yanking our cranks. So I'm calling BULLSHIT on this one. Either that or you're about the dumbest son-of-a-bitch on here.

Either way have fun with the responses sure to follow.


yea im going to start juiceing but hey i guess i am a stupid 18 year old... and why would i bullshit on this why would i waste my time asking questions, and why would you leave a dumbass response. plus i will leave some before and after pics on the physique and performance photos page so if i dont gain you will tell then you can call bullshit.....

well if my naturale test levels are high then 250 should jack it up even more, i kinda figure it like a 30 year old doing 500mg a week. and listening to advice from bushy in the past he said i would realy screw my self up using 1000mg a week so i went as low as i could. 250 is the weakest i can get that isn't oral and orals from what i hear will give you a lot of water weight.

I am from a school were steroids are a normal day occurence in the hall ways.  girls here like big arms, big chests, big legs and ripped abs.  i guess my balls will be small but my massive cock will make up for that.  

Our school won the state champion ship in foot ball.... i wonder why?  but at school guys go up to 1500mg a week and then at the end around 100 mg of phena a week only for like 3 weeks.

how many people that just flamed me use roids and why do you do it i mean the only way i would not do it is if jay cutler or ronnie colman told me not to on web cam or some thing..

nows can i get a serious answer to an old question, can i get a good stack with this stuff or what


I dont understand how you think first, being and idiot, then second, an arrogant cocky idiot is going to get you the answers you want.


You kinda figure wrong. The body has a loopback mechanism. When you introduce test from the outside, your body stops making its own.



Then you are a flaming idiot who deserves the health repercussions that you are going to get.

And if you can't get laid already, steroids aren't going to help that. Even they aren't magic, and they're not going to turn a dumbass like you into a chick magnet.

It really irritates me that you are going to do this. You have no idea what you're doing...


He cant be serious.. that last post was just TOO dumb..


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So if you weight 154 what would these big armed guys be like 175 lbs. I hope you fuck yourself and die because it's dumb assholes like you and your friends that give steriods a bad name for all of us.


Damn! I thought I was a little harsh.

OK kid, the reason I called bullshit is I can't believe someone on this site is as dumb as you are so I just assumed it was some regular who signed up with a new ID and was fucking with everyone. I stand corrected. You are for real and I was right, you ARE the dumbest son-of-a-bitch on this board.

Alright dummy, do yourself a favor and wait a few years. Max out what you can do naturally and that should take at least a few more years then maybe consider gear. Please listen to Bushy, he knows what he's talking about. But I'm sure you're too stupid to listen and you're going to screw yourself up and do them anyway, but not with help from me.

Have a great life kid. Good Luck.